Monday, November 17, 2008

Henry's Graduation show Index08

Henry has finally finished studying Interior Design at RMIT. His graduation show was held last Friday night in an old wharf shed at the Docklands. It was a cool location for the show, every year they get better and better (the 1st one we went to was in an abandoned warehouse, last year it was in a car park)

I love how futuristic the docklands area looks. Its basically Melbourne's Odaiba (similar area in Tokyo)

Henry's work was of course the best!

Someone's model was pretty amazing though

Another student made a video

Henry and his friend Darren

My friend Lauren enjoyed the drinks

In other news the Peter Alexander dress was very very unflattering :< The fabric was very clingy and the only way I could wear it would be if I wore a jacket over it all the time because it made my arms look even more flabby then normal. However I bought a plain black dress at Savers which IS flattering and I'm thinking about doing some kinda of cute face or something on it...I kinda want to have some new crazy clothes to wear in Tokyo you see. I have also bought 2 metres of black vinyl at Spotlight to make something interesting. Stay tuned for a sketches and progress on that project.

Oh and to all those people who were asking how I met Yvan, I met him on myspace, nothing exciting really.

ALSO sorry to anyone who has been checking out Melbourne Street daily after I said I was going to be posting new street photos every day. Since starting full time work my posting has again become irregular, just like it has here too. Hopefully this will change as I get more used to the early starts and late finishes and having only 2 days every week to veg out (how people work full time for their whole lives I will never understand) Do check out the site today though, a new article is up and some new photos. While you're there join the mailing list as we send out weekly updates now. Yay!

Ok so in the next few days expect blogs about (this is to remind me to write them as well):

  • New design/sewing project
  • A cool new online magazine
  • Blog awards (sorry to those who have tagged me, I am aware just way too busy to do much about it at the moment...soon I promise)
  • Travel packing and outfit planning for my trip to Tokyo with photos (I start thinking about this stuff months before I travel, it's what I think about ecvery day to get through work!)
  • New Sofa bed I bought on ebay (well new vintage)
  • New Art craft project for my home inspired by Africa!
  • Plus Christmas preperations (and maybe some exciting news to do with a famous magazine!)
So many ideas and so little time.


  1. Big congratulations to you Henry. A wonderful Hayleys Mum.

  2. Congratulations Henry!

    That explains why your apartment us so super cool. I knew you'd have a lot to do with it, but with Henry's stuff now too. Cool. xx

  3. Scarf made it in plenty of time...the shoot is today and send you a couple of sneaky shots...thanks again for sending it.

  4. Shame about the nightie, it was really cute!

  5. Oh how neat it would be to run into you in Tokyo! Unfortunately I leave before you arrive.


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