Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Henry

Just got back from partying for Henry's birthday. Lots of fun and lots of stuff to blog about ASAP. Just been so busy, working in my "real job" 10-8pm (extra hours) and then working for the Melbourne Street Fashion website...yikessssssssss so exhausted, how long can this go on? I'm way too tired.

Henry maybe had the best birthday ever. Yay. He is 28 can you believe it? I can't. He is the same 21 year old that I met and fell in love with.


  1. happy birthday to him! you guys look cute :) love your dressss x

  2. That's a great photo Hayley, I think your hair looks great like that. Better than when it was shorter. It also looks like you have lost some weight, you face looks thinner. Anyway, Happy Birthday to Henry, he's my age now! It not so bad!

  3. Happy birthday Henry!

    You know what, I think even when he's 95 Henry will still be that same 21 year old you fell in love with. I think that's just how it works...

  4. happy bday henry! matching couples glasses... love it!

  5. Back online...
    "Happy birthday to you",
    "Happy birthday dear Henry"
    "Happy birthday to you" sung with gutso whilst candles burning on cake.

    lots of love Hayley's Mum.

  6. i second "a dreamer"'s comment. CUTE.


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