Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Take a look

at Melbourne Street for some fab new street photos and an interview with Chris from the Melbourne Boutique Corky Saint Clair by me. Please tell me what you think.

Also Aus Style has a new issue of Pockettozine out with an interview with yours truly about being a street fashion photographer. She has likened me to Rei Shito from Fruits mag, I am truly honoured to be mentioned at all, let alone with the likes of Rei who is my hero (I met/saw her once or twice in Tokyo...she never took my photo though but why would you when Tokyoites dress so much better than me)

This is me posing as a street style photographer. Sometimes I feel like a fake, I don't know why, I just do. This is what I was wearing that day:

Marble dyed tee: Thrifted at a Box Hill Op shop $4
Skirt: Thrifted from Brunswick Savers $3
Leggings: Thrifted from Kinji in Harajuku $7
Tribal fringed moccasin sandals: Target $24
Studded bag: Thrifted from Footscray Savers $4
Wooden necklace: Kinki Gerlinki $28


  1. Okay, a few things.
    Number one-I LOVE that shirt. Your finds never cease to amaze me. I really love that shirt. I also like your skirt? Did you have to alter it? I can never find skirts that sit at the right length thrifted.
    Number two-I liked your interview Chris very much. You can totally hear his voice ooxing from every line. "Pirate just means loser now".Best. Quote. Ever.
    Number three- At least if you feel like a fake, you will never be pretentious, right? Anyway, you are a star. Deal with it :p

  2. i still can't get over that shirt. it is perfect. and why should you feel like a fake? even if you're only new-ish to the street photography thing, you can only grow with time and experience, no one starts off as an expert. you are good at what you do anyway so you don't really have anything to worry about.

  3. great tee! where is this box hill op shop? i wanna stop by after my next piano lesson... hehe

    thanks for mentioning the zine!

  4. Fake?!You are a Melbourne style icon Hayles, thats why you get recognised so often!!!
    You look really cool in this picture and congrats on Pocketto, it's one great zine.

  5. Hey i love your style and think you have a great eye. Would you check my blog and tell me what you think of my fur hand muffs? Im going to start selling them and wondered what you thought they could sell for and do you think they could catch on?

    Thanking you,
    Sophie xXx

  6. Hi Hayley,

    I don't know if there is an H&M near you but I saw a pair of tights there that look EXACTLY like the shirt you are wearing in this photo. They are part of the Divided line.

    As soon as I saw them I thought of you.


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