Saturday, October 11, 2008

Australian Dollar is so crap right now :<

This graph shows how much the Australian Dollar has fallen to Japanese Yen. Basically 1 month ago for 1AUD we would get 100Yen (technically 94yen but come on 6yen is nothing...not compared to what it is now 1AUD gets you 64Yen so a loss of 40Yen, basically the Yen is counted in "cents" so 40 yen is the same as 40 cents or 40,000 yen is the same as 400 dollars....well at least it used to be now for every 1AUD we will loose 40 cents, Yikes!!!) Well anyway if you earn your money in Yen its fine, but now for us Aussies 30,000Yen is $500, so I loose $200. This means that our planned trip to Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Kobe, Himeji and Hiroshima is basically off the cards unless we save double of what we had planned (and what is possible) or if the dollar somehow magically improves before February. Maybe it will get better around Christmas because around then consumer confidence is high? At least that is what we are hoping because otherwise Japan is a very expensive place for us when normally it is really cheap (so a can of beer is 126Yen...used to be $1.26 AUD its $2 AUD. A day at Disneyland 5000Yen used to be $50 now it is $ crap) At least all of our Tokyo accommodation is free because otherwise we wouldn't be able to go anymore. Please don't drop too much further, please? This is my sisters first trip overseas and she would really like to be able to see the temples in Kyoto and the deer in Nara, so please Australian Dollar just get better soon. I had already planned that 5 day trip and was about to book the hostels when the dollar went South. If I was earning my money in Japan and was sending home money this would be AMAZING I would be making money instead of loosing...when I was actually working in Japan the Australian dollar was strong so when I sent home money I would loose a lot in exchange fees and end up with not much at all but at this exchange rate even with those fees I would have a profit. I bet all my old coworkers are super happy, it's just us travellers who are going to feel the pain.

Anyway sorry for the boring non fashion related post, this is pretty much all I have been thinking about in the last couple of days. I was so excited about maybe being able to shop in Tokyo at the new H&M (yep Tokyo has a H&M opening in in Aus we still don't have one or any word yet to say we will be getting one) but now it seems highly unlikely that I will be doing any shopping except at a 100Yen shop (like a $2 shop only everything is 100Yen)


  1. I know. :(

    I was thinking of buying all my Xmas gifts on Etsy this year, but with the dollar being so poor I'll have to think twice, or shop local Etsy.

    Could you take some quirky photos and make cool Christmas cards to sell on Etsy? Could you sell Thrifted clothes on eBay?

    I hope it can all still go ahead. I think it's definitely a good thing you've got your flights already and friends to stay with. x

  2. It sucks so F'ing much!!!

    All I want is to see as much as Japan as I can but now I've had to cut so much out.
    I am getting the rail pass which by now probably costs $800. So I'll probably just stick to places I can get to with the pass.

    Your so lucky to get free Accom, my hostel is now costing $40 a night which isn't too bad but still a pain.

    Sigh I really hope that it goes up By Jan.

  3. UGH! Tell me about it. My boyfriend has taken a 30% pay cut because of the crappy Aussie dollar. It used to be 31 baht to the dollar and now it's 23 baht. It is pretty aweful. And it sucks for you and your trip! It is already going up a little bit so I think it will be better by the time you go. I'm crossing my fingers for you!

  4. Our dollar is so woeful against all the major currencies and I can't believe just how quickly it's fallen :(

    I do hope it picks up soon though, it would so wonderful for your sister to see Japan in all it's glory.

  5. its so horrible but mayb it'll get better.

  6. Hi Hayley, I'm just back from Japan and could I possible have picked a worse time $$ wise to go! (the US was even worse!)I decided to ignore it and deal with the consequences later. I have to say though, Japan F*%king rocks! I would migrate there in a heart beat and I'm already working on a cunning plan with the Mr to see if we can work that onto our dance card. I now know why you obsession with Japan is so strong. I feel like I've found my wonderland and I never wanted to leave. Sigh.. :)


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