Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Spring Fashion Week Day 1: Obus Summer 08

Obus is a local Aussie brand by Kylie Zerbst. They have 2 stores, one on Gertude Street Fitzroy and one in Flinders Lane. Tonight they had their Summer 08 collection launch at the Flinders Lane store.

I met up with Matt from Imelda, Well shod, Well informed at Hells Kitchen (a bar in Centreplace) and then we headed down to the store. He is down from Sydney for the week going to all the shows, lucky him. I only have tickets for a few of the shows and not the show I wanted to go to, but hey I'm not complaining I get to go for free as a photographer which really is amazing. Hopefully we are doing something exciting on Thursday so watch this space.

Please excuse the blurriness of the photos, I didn't use flash for some reason.

I love this fabric.

They had a performance of models/dancers hanging clothes on a washing line.

The lady in red is the designer. I was too shy to ask her if I could take her photo.

The collection:

I love the shoes used in this shoot. I love the ruffled scarf in the 1st look.

The middle dress is so cute, I love it.

The last look with the slouchy black cardigan is going to be my look for Summer.

I think I will buy the last dress, its so me. I hope they make my size, I'm always disappointed by designer goods not coming in my size I rarely bother anymore, but maybe they will have it?


  1. Man! Typical that heaps of work to get finished the week of spring fashion week. At least I'm going to one show.

    I like the collection but personally I think the model ruins the clothes in these shots; it looks like someone was playing dressed up with a cadaver.

    but I don't know maybe that's the look they were going for.

    It sucks about sizes, but most designers are way too lazy to make larger sizes. Also it does cost more in materials.

  2. That little peachy cape frill dress in the middle is lovely - in fact it's almost exactly my perfect dress!

    The party scenes reminded me of when I used to live in Melbourne so much. Here fashion parties are so different , that looks so classically Melbourne to me.

  3. i love all the use of colour and ruffles.
    would you like to contribute to the next issue of pocketto seeing as though you missed out on the first?


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