Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cobalt Blue, How are you?

I actually bought this dress about 6 months ago at Savers but it has been languishing in my sewing basket waiting to be shortened and hemmed. Well today I finally got around to doing it spurred on by the thought of having nothing new to wear to Spring Fashion Week. I love the cobalt blue colour, it's so bright and bold.

Dress: Thrifted at Savers $9
Leggings: Thrifted at Savers $6
Belt: Thrifted at Camberwell Market $10
Shoes: Bought on sale for $65 by I love Billy
Hair Scrunchy: Gift from the Spank girls in Japan

I used to love doing this hair style, it is like the number 1 most popular style in Japan or something cos nearly every girl does it. I haven't done it in ages so I thought I may as well. I call it the "peanut style".

You may notice I need to colour my roots really badly. I was born a blonde but my hair has gotten darker as I have aged. The thing that confused me is when I used to dye my hair black it would look like I was balding because my roots looked white, and now I colour my hair blonde and my roots look black. WTF is going on? Anyway I bought a rinse to make my hair 1 shade darker to try and match my roots until I have time to get them done (My mum does it for me cos she used to be a hairdresser) but now my hair is kinda orangey...ooops. I should have just left it, oh well it only lasts 8 washes, so 8 days for me...the whole week of Fashion Week I have to have ugly orange hair. Seriously its not a good idea to change the colour of your hair before an important day or week even if it seems like a good idea it isnt!


  1. I love that hairstyle (and don't worry too much about your hair! At least it washes out!). Cobalt blue is a great colour for you to wear, that dress looks really good!

  2. The peanut is very cute on you, as is that blue dress (and your hair really doesn't look very orange at all)!

  3. Love the cobalt blue, it's one of my fave colours. It's actaully a nice colour on you.
    The dress is cute but it's missing something, maybe it needs some detailing or even just a nice big chunky gold, black or white necklace.

  4. I love the hair! haha. It is definitely so Tokyo. I like it a lot. It was going strong when I went in January 08 as well as July 08...one of my Japanese friends even told me there was a word for it, but I can't remember it now.

    Also..how do you always find such cool things at thrift stores? It seems like stuff is almost all picked over here...or is it because you do a lot of altering? Maybe I should get more creative. haha


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