Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Tokyo weekend in Melbourne

I had lunch the other day with fellow fashion blogger Emma from The Anchor. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo, but I can tell you Emma, even in business attire is a very fashionable lady :> Anyway the purpose of our quick lunch meeting at my fave Japanese hole in the wall Don Don's, was for me to give her some helpful tips about Tokyo as she is going there on holiday soon. Also the lovely Emma is kindly taking over some hand made gifts I made for the Spank girls as postage is so expensive, plus the Spank girls will be happy to meet her so it will be fun for her too. I really hope Emma has fun and that my crazily drawn maps are of some help, Tokyo is very confusing because there are no street names so maps are necessary for all attractions, shops, restaurants...everything has a map, but my hand drawn maps aren't exactly accurate to scale or anything, in some cases its just scribbles....oh well I hope she finds her way around and finds some of the cool shops and maid cafes.

Handmade Spank Gifts (I am 99% sure they don't read this so it's ok to post...maybe Saki reads it....hmmmm oh well they don't need to be surprised)

This is a necklace for Maya. The necklace "chain" is just some interesting wool I bought at the Reject shop for 66cents! The hearts are from a bag of foam shapes I bought at some $2 shop. I hope she likes it. The hearts are glued and sewn together so they hopefully will not fall off. Maya's style is very pink and kawaii and sweet so I think this will suit her.

This is a headband for Tabuchi. I wrapped a headband in a purple ribbon and glued the ends. Then I had some fabric leaves in my craft bum bag (yes I keep my craft supplies in a bum bag, lol) so I used those and added some purple hearts and the letter T for her name. Tabuchi's style is kinda more brown and tonal and seems to have nature as an influence so that's why I used the leaves.

This is a hair scrunchy for Saki. I bought the hair scrunchy in Footscray at a closing down chemist for 2 for $1. Saki has super long hair that she always ties up on her head in a 80's high pony tail thing. I think she will think the monkey is a kawaii crazy monkey. I just sewed on a foam heart and monkey shape, super easy but still cute.

This is another hair scrunchy and it's for Yuki. Yuki's hair is long now and she likes kinda rave style and fluoro colours so I think she will like this. The hearts are sewn and glued on to the scrunchy.

The Toxic Lipstick gig

As I mentioned the other day, me and Henry were going out to see a band we haven't seen since Tokyo, and who are friends with all our Japanese friends. It was a super fun night out.

I wore lots of gold glitter, it went all over my face and glasses.

It was my first time at Roxanne's, which is a kinda cool club, or was? Is it already over? I don't know, lol.

This is Holly from B12 shot.

The fashion was just like being back in Tokyo. I LOVED her dream catcher necklace, I have been telling Henry I want to wear a giant dream catcher as a necklace but he said it wouldn't work, well here is the PROOF!!! I saw an amazing one at Savers but it was $17 which is a lot of money for something that is maybe only a fleeting obsession.

Katie (the Melbourne Spank Girl) and Holly. Kawaii ne?

More Harajuku in Melbourne fashion.

Toxic Lipstick in their super bright and kawaii costumes. So cool.


  1. too cute...not the dude in the leopard print pantyhose...your handmade accessories!

  2. I love those handmade gifts!! They are really cute, I'm sure they'll love them! oh and love the glitter on your eyes too ;)

  3. Those gifts you made for your friends are so cute.

    love your party photos, Toxic Lipstick look super Kawaii.

    I used to have heaps of dream catchers my mum got from the US. But when we moved I lost them :(.

  4. The Spank girls are going to love those presents - they are all totally adorable.

  5. The headband with the leaves is adorable - it reminds me of an 80's cartoon, but I can't remember which!

    I'm feeling the gold glitter eye shadow!

  6. awww man i thought i totally commented on this but i'm not sure i did - but again thanks for all your awesome help!

  7. you should for sure wear a dream catcher now &&& forever!! be sure to cleanse them at the end of the evening so you dont take anything kooky home+away with you!!! this is very important!! yr blog is ballistic &&& i have 5 pairs of jelly shoes like yrself!! lovelyspecialfantastic.



  8. i was at this show!!!!!
    so much fun and soy much dancing!!
    i love kati n holly <3!!!!!!!!
    you should war whatevaa you wanna, dont listen to ANYONE


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