Monday, August 11, 2008

Looks like we are moving

Yep. We will probably be moving in the next month or so because our rent is getting put up to a ridiculous amount that we can't afford. There is a rental property shortage in Melbourne at the moment which means rents are going up because, well, because they can because there is a huge demand for places. The demand is crazy, for 1 rental maybe 80-100 people will turn up (this is hell in our building because it's impossible to get up the lift if you happen to bump into an inspection group) so it means people sometimes try to offer 6 months rent in advance just to stand out on the application. There is a suburb in Melbourne that doesn't seem to have the same situation and that's where we will be looking, Footscray. It's known as a dangerous area but that's just a reputation, I don't think it's more dangerous than Fitzroy or Collingwood which are 2 burbs with high rents and high break in rates. There are so many pluses about Footscray, its only 2 stops from the city on the train, there are super cheap Asian grocery stores and a cheap fruit and veg market, the best Savers ever, Dimmeys and a beautiful park and river to take Hachiko to. Really our lives will be better and more healthier there, we can eat healthily and cheaply, ride our bikes on the nice bike paths and save A LOT of money on our rent, about $200 a month EACH! We will be living in a house with a backyard so Hachiko will be super happy and in summer we can get a paddling pool and have pool parties. I'm really excited about this.

We want to find a house with floorboards, a nice clean modern kitchen and a secure backyard. The places we are looking at are 3 bedroom places so we will either share with 2 other people or have a study and just share with 1 person, both ways are cheaper than what we pay now.

Property 1:

Lovely red trim on this period home.

This is my dream 50's kitchen, almost exactly what I have always dreamed of. Imagine how cute all my red cooking utensil will look in that room, I'm so excited I hope we get this place.

Wow a dining room. I don't like the light fitting but we can hopefully change it and then when we move out put the ugly one back. I think our retro look furniture will really suit this place.

So many pluses about this property. Location wise the market is just 1 block away, the Maribyrnong river is at the end of the street with a nice park, Savers is 1 block away, Uni is a 10 minute walk away, the city is 2 stops on the train away. Style wise this place is sooooo me. I can't wait to decorate it.

We need to inspect the place though as there are no photos of the bedrooms or the backyard. I do hope they aren't ugly. It does say they have floorboards in the bedrooms so that's a plus.

Property 2:

Nice and clean front. Looks recently painted.

Modern open plan interior with a nice indoor outdoor feel.

Look at that deck, perfect for entertaining in Summer. It means I can buy some outdoor furniture and I know exactly what I want already...from ikea, lol. Well that is if ikea sell their summer collection here in Australia that can be seen below. We can also have some pot plants and maybe even a veggie garden. Yay!

I don't like the kitchen so much but at least is is clean and modern.

I love the bathroom, it will be so nice to have a bath again. I really miss having a bath, but when I have one I never bother taking a bath, but now I know I'm going to really appreciate it.

This place isn't as centrally located but it still is ok. It does seem cleaner and more looked after, but it has no character.

Those are just 2 of the places we will be looking at this week. I hope we get one of them, but it is a little hard as we still need to find someone to move in with us and to pay bond. I'm sure we can find an international student at my Uni or at Henry's who is looking for a cheap place who can apply with us. So much to organise. If anyone out there is looking for a sharehouse in Footscray please email me. Depending on the place the rent per week will be about $80-$110. We are nice to live with, really.

Oh and please check out the new photos up at Melbourne Street Fashion .com YAY!!!


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  2. Property 1 is adorable!

    Good luck with the move.

  3. cute cute! I like property 1 it's very much you hayles!!
    I just found a place aswell!! cause i'm moving aswell! exciting!
    I just hope I get the place I emailed the agency but n answer yet... I don't wanna cal I dont speak dutch haha

  4. I think both places are super... imagine all the money you will save when you pop out to get milk ;) (i.e. I'm guessing there is no Myer, DJs or boutiques just around the corner hehe).

  5. jarra... footscray is not an outer subrub, it's very much inner city, so much so that some people don't like it for the hussle and bustle.
    i for one love footscray, it is quite safe, especially in residential streets, obviously i wouldn't reccomend walking around the footscray market at 2 in the morning, but that is the same if not more so applicable to the city or even chapel st prahran which we all know has expensive properties.
    some of the asian palces to eat are so nice and cheap, it's almost cheaper than cooking at home by the time you buy ingredients and factor in the time.

    i think you should pick property 1 purely because it's most suited to your personality, however i would put some thoguht into which hosue has better insulation. in summer it's going to get so hot, weather boards might be a bit sticky. which is in the nicer street?

  6. ooer interesting! rob and I have discussed footscray as one of the places to move as well. and when i say discussed i mean i say "let's move to footscray!" and he eventually comes around. Ios that $200 a month each for a share house room? it couldn't possibly be for a property to yourselves could it??

  7. Oh you're making all excited about moving to Melbourne!

  8. Jarra: Footscray is an inner suburb hon.
    Glowing doll: Yeah I love it too.
    Coco: Good luck with your move honey.
    The Collector: It's true that there are no DJ's, Myer etc but there is Savers and it will be 1 block away!!! but at least that's a cheap store.
    Robbie: I'm not sure if we are able to pick, it all depends on which place we get accepted at. But yeah we are going to look into how well maintained the places are and also which would get too hot in Summer and all that when we inspect. Property 1 may have gross bedrooms so we may not even apply. Thanks for the tips, its all stuff we are thinking about.
    Emma: The $200 a month each is if we make it a share house but there are places we could afford as a whole as our own, but they aren't so
    Lady Smaggle: I'm excited for you too :> Just remember there is a rental shortage here and it can be really hard to find a house in the nicer areas.

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  10. There is Highpoint in Maribyrnong, which is a 20 minute tram 86/bus 406 ride from Footscray. It has Myer at a lot of stores there.

  11. Hayley, you will LOVE Footscray! The 'cray is the place to be :) I live in Yarraville and am a total convert to the west... awesome and cheap food (check out Little Saigon market), the already mentioned awesomeness of Savers, Ethiopian restaurants (which I haven't checked out yet, but am dying to...), bubble tea (love it!), great cafes in Seddon and Yarraville, the Sun theatre cinema in Yarraville, Williamstown beach in summer... the list goes on...

  12. hii loving your blog and photos from melbourne street fashion! i havent been to footscray in years. you make me want to visit~

    i hope i see you in the city one day haha :D

  13. I hope you find the home your looking for Hayley!
    Backyards make such a difference, specially in summer. We had to move this year but I am so much happier in my new place so look at it positively- it's absolutely for the best. Plus you'll be near Footsgray Savers!Hooray!

  14. Hey I just saw this post after I made a comment on the more recent one. If you are looking for housemates we are considering moving from our unit into something bigger...

  15. Kirrily. I just left this comment on your blog: Hey there I just got your comment about possibly wanting to move into a bigger place. We really need someone and you seem perfect. With you and your bf the rent would be super cheap and you can have a really nice cute house. Do you mind we have a dog? He is a super nice dog though. We need to move by October 7. Also we have loads of furniture and a fridge but no washing machine...Email me at lippierced1 at hotmail dot com

  16. ~ holy crrrappp!! ~ rents are cheep over there. I'm moving out of a studio efficiency (no separate bedroom) that I've been paying $575 for...into a place downtown (separate bedroom AND bathtub! score!) that will be $875!!
    ~ owwoooooo ~ (<< howls like a dog! *haha!*)


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