Thursday, August 7, 2008

Real Living mag Tokyo Tang

This is totally just like my house!!! My colour theme is red and pink and all my collectables are kawaii Japanese toys and things. Maybe the magazine should shoot my house if my look is coming into fashion now? Well that would be my dream anyway. Our house is a big ol' mess right now though and I really hate Henry's desk being in the kitchen as it is now because his computer is so ugly with it's crt monitor, he so needs a flat screen monitor. I do like having our desks almost beside each other though, it's made me more productive. When the house is clean I'll post some recent pics, but for an idea of the look here are some old shots.

It really is different now....more lived in but in a good way.


  1. Wow, Hailey, it looks absolutely amazing! So many cute and beautiful things. I would love to see what it looks like now.

  2. wow lol, it really is just like your house!
    I like your place, it looks pretty spacey.
    Im drawn to black sleek furniture.

  3. Your house is just lovely! And when I think I'm not even a big fan of red... :p But it looks awesome here!

  4. Lol I was thinking that it looked familiar, your place is way better.
    The thing that bugs me about it is the costs of the items. I was going to buy that apple from this shop in Kyoto which cost $4. domayne charges $50 or something.

  5. Oh wow your house is amazing! I love it. Can I live there when I move to Melbourne next year? :-)

  6. I love that plastic tree and the painting above your couch!

  7. Very nice decor!
    Really happy looking and with a retro vibe.
    I looks like one could never be bored in your place - so much to look at.

  8. Hi Hayley,

    Which colour where you thinking of getting? I'm madly in love with the purple ones. The black and white ones remind me of your 'I love Billy' Oxfords. We don't get that brand in the UK but I definitley think someone should start importing them. Their stuff is adorable. I saw a pair of purse ballet flats on the Australian Ebay the other day (my ebay sickness is worsening!)but they didn't have my size:(

    I like all the Westwood designs too but I can't see myself wearing them.

    I've never had a smelly-jelly incident either. I think since they are mostly open designs or have perforations somewhere in the shoe that you get ventilation. Also they are so ridiculously easy to clean.

    I support your growing Jelly collection!


  9. I really love how every item in your house appears to be carefully selected and adored by you. I can't wait to move out one day so I can choose to buy and display the things I love.


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