Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Today's outfit

  • Dress: Savers $4? Needs to be ironed but I hate ironing...crinkled is cool ok!
  • Belt: Portmans bargain basement in Bourke Street, $7.50.
  • Leggings: Kinji, Harajuku Tokyo $7?
  • Oxfords: I love Billy $60
  • Gold Necklace: Myer $12.95
  • New Hat: Dotti $9.95. Now I don't have to borrow Henry's all the time.

I went shopping today and bought the hat at Dotti thanks to a hot tip from Tea at A cup of tea. Henry hates when I wear his hat and hardly ever lets me wear it. Lately I have needed the hat more and more because my hair desperately needs to be trimmed and dyed (you can see part of my fringe hanging over my glasses, Henry grabbed the hat off me to try on after I had just fixed my hair in the mirror for the photo and he put it back on my head and said my hair was fine. Is he BLIND? I hate when my hair goes over my glasses, grrrr.)

The new location is my buildings stairwell. I think the lighting is perfect for shoots there, its so dramatic. Apparently it does sometimes get used for fashion shoots as Henry saw a fashion shoot there a while ago.

2 other new purchases:

A silver stud headband from the Portmans bargain basement at the Bourke Street store. It was only $5.

From the same store this amazing corset belt that I have wanted forever. It was the last one left and such a bargain, down from $30 to $7.50. Yay so happy. It looks so cool on, so slimming.

I went into work tonight and they had put me on the same survey. I explained what happened last night and they tried to find another survey I could do but to no avail. So I got to go home. I'm happy because I can watch Pamela Anderson go into the Big Brother house. Yay for trash TV on a cold winter night curled up on the couch with Hachiko on my lap.

Speaking of Hachiko here are some recent shots of the cutey pie.

The other morning I woke up to this funny sight. Hachiko was sitting on the coffee table "reading the newspaper and waiting for his morning coffee". So funny.

Here he looks like he is wearing a red crown when in fact its a bowl in the background.


  1. ooh i'm liking your new location. the lighting is great.
    hahah at the unironed dress, i wouldnt have noticed if you hadn't mentioned it.

  2. Fabulous finds, great outfit and one super kawaii doggie! (Is he a Pap? One of mine is a Pap x and they look similar) Perhaps you'd better fins him his own crown that bowl looks like a natural fit.

  3. Adorable doglet and lots of fabulous purchases (I especially lust for that belt), but I have to agree about the fringe. As a be-fringed woman myself, I know the pain of an extra long fringe - although I often let mine get to shetland pony type lengths, don't let that happen to you!

  4. That belt looks amazing on you! Love it... and you can't even tell that the dress is un-ironed.

  5. Ooh, Love the belt!

  6. Hey lady I just passed on an award to you...

  7. Love the belt!!!! I've noticed a few fashion bloggers aquiring corsetish belts lately and I'm feeling the need to own one more and more. Hotness

  8. the belt looks great!

  9. Bestest hat. You are one of the only people who I've seen who can pull off those hats. Also I love the belt. Portmans did you say?

  10. I love Hachiko and Pamela going into the Big Brother was her doing the splits, I nearly pee'd myself!

  11. Great photos. I do love those glasses. I collect glasses and have over 50 pairs!! I have posted some pictures on my blog London Rain. Just wanted to share with you, since you are into fashion... My twin brother is a fashion designer and had his first show during London Fashion Week. Check out his site

  12. Thanks everyone, I'm happy you all liked the belt and hat and also Hachiko.

    Skye: In the past my fringe has gotten that long but these days I try to keep it in control. I came to the realisation that I do enjoy being able to see, lol.

    London girl: I'm going to have an all over trim because I'm trying to grow my hair long, I have had short hair in a bob for so long it was time for a change. However my hair seems to have stopped growing at this point, it just doesn't get any longer.

  13. i adore that your papillon is called hachiko!!! AHHHH!! he's so cute too!

  14. OMG. i don't know you. i just saw you at someone else' blog. but i'm already in love with you.

    I was admiring your look. well, obviously many of your coordination would've been my personal choices if i were a girl.

    also. i got chance to read your entry about being fucking chic and still save money kinda thing. you know which one i'm talking.
    SO clever! girl knows how to shop wisely. hmm!

    GJ from Osaka.X0X0

  15. Love love loove your blog >.<


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