Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Am I crazy or just a little unwell?

I did the most insane crazy thing at work tonight. I currently have a part time crappy job in market research, the very job I told my students in Japan I would never do again (they always asked what my least favourite job was because they were all fascinated that I had already had 12 jobs and I'm only 24, most Japanese have just 1 job for life, at most 2 jobs in their life as in 1 student job then 1 adult job) Anyway I already hate my job, its mind numbingly boring and I hate forcing people to do boring surveys, but apparently I am good at it, yay, not. Well tonight I had to do a survey that sets me off as its about smoking. Now some readers may know this already but last year my beloved grandma (Nana in Aussie English) died 2 days before my wedding of smoking related illness. So this survey sets off all sorts of emotions for me. Well 1 hour into my shift I flipped. My team leader came over to tell me off for a tiny little mistake where I coded someone who hung up on me possibly wrong (in her eyes anyway) and I yelled at her "I don't care, I DON'T CARE, I'm at breaking point, that's it I'm leaving, I can't do this survey because my nana died because of ciggarettes" or something like that. Now my poor team leader didn't deserve that, and she got our supervisor over and he was like I should have told them sooner so they could put me on a different survey and if you need to you can go home if you like. I think he could see the crazy emotion in my eyes. I've never been like that before.

I think I had a panic attack. The survey is horrible, I already hate the job without having to do that particular survey. I started breathing heavily as soon as they said that's what I'll be doing tonight. I got in the lift and ran home and cried (lucky for me my work is right across the road from my house). I felt so embarrassed (everyone stared at the crazy person screaming) What the heck came over me? I also laughed a lot too, I wonder how crazy everyone thinks I am? it was kinda funny. I have dreamed of quitting the job in the same kinda way (eventually) so it was nice to let off some steam, but yeah I hope I still have my job, lol. I need the money.

So crazy and funny. I don't regret it though, I got to watch Big Brother, lol.

Has anyone else done this at work? Or felt like doing it?

Oh and sorry about the cheesy Matchbox 20 lyric as my heading. I don't even like that song.

Oh and sorry this is not fashion related. Sometimes I have no fashion mojo and right now is one of those times. All our clothes are dirty because our washing machine is broken (getting fixed on Friday, yay) so all I have left are ugly clothes that aren't worth photographing and I don't feel like wearing them out shopping either so I have no new purchases.


  1. That sounds traumatic... I'm surprised you lasted an hour! I'm sure that when people find out why you flipped out they will totally understand. I don't think you are crazy. I went through a couple of traumatic experiences all at the same time last year... I was a mess at work... I wish I could take it back but sometimes emotions can get the better of you. We are all human after all - I guess some of us are just more emotional than others (but that is a good thing :))

  2. Sorry about your nana. Your supervisor sure is understanding. And I hope you still have the job.

    But haha about the story. Sometimes I wish I could go really really crazy and everybody had to worry about me. Unfortunately I am too thoughtful and considerate, so I barely ever go crazy. I wish, though. I am just fighting with my supervisors.

  3. I think everyone must have at least one freak-out in their career (if not several dozen), and if you are as intelligent and articulate as your blog would suggest then those market research guys will put up with a fair bit of sh*t before they get rid of you. The staff turnover is huge for that kind of work, and they'll do anything to hold onto the good staff.
    A little drama makes the wheels go round!

  4. you dont work at the sociallyretarded centre near vic markets do you?? coz yeah i worked there for 3 months and maan. I ended up in the toilets crying once coz there was this suicidal lady on the phone...how sad that she was burdening some random who'd called her to survey her about the government?..in another job as a checkout chick I was having frequent crazy fantasies about losing it in the aisles throwing stuff etc, i never did though..

  5. I don't blame you either. D: anyways I just discovered your blog today and I love it! It's really fun to read, especially your entries from Japan! I was excited to see that when you were 16 you got into Fruits and decided you wanted to go there, etc... I am the same way! :) I'm 16 and really interested in teaching English in Japan. You've inspired me to go for it even more ^o^ Tokyo sounds like a lot of fun, but really confusing... lolz... and I absolutely love your style! Especially the glasses :D

  6. I also recently discovered your blog. Love it! I'm sure everyone flips out at work once in awhile. Completely normally. I've done it a few times :) Atleast you got to go home and watch trashy reality shows! I'm addicted to them. I think it just makes me feel better about myself, lol.

  7. i just started reading your blog, it's pretty interesting. i like it.

    i work at chipotle, and it's not a very fun/good job. I get really upset when i'm working and one day i started crying in front of all my workers and then i cut my hand and started crying again.

    Now yesterday i had a huge blowout with my boss! He is always very sarcastic to me, and I HATE IT. I also feel like his underestimates/under-appreciates my ability to do my job correctly and quickly. He called me into his office about the way i'm acting.

  8. I know EXACTLY where you're coming from - i've worked in that same call centre on that same survey - it's so insidious and evil. i'm glad i will never have to go back. i hope you can get out of there soon!

  9. Emma, your so lucky. This is my 2nd market research job but like my 100th call centre job. I can't wait till I never have to do this sorta crap ever again! Henry has been doing market research on and off for 7 years!!! He too can't wait till he finishes Uni so he can get a real job. He only has 4 more months.


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