Thursday, June 19, 2008

New faux Doc's from Novo shoes.

These were on sale at Novo shoes, down from $99.95 to $79.95. Even though that is cheap I had to layby them (lay-away in USA lingo) so I don't have them yet, but soon. Yay, my Doc quest is finally over. I would prefer them to have been shiny patent, but "beggars can't be choosers", they were just too cheap to not get. They come in brown too, but black is more me. I'll wear them with floral and home made tie dyed dresses to let my inner hippy/90's goth/grunge kid out.


  1. Love your boots Mum.

  2. oh they're so cool! I hope they have them in the Novo stores here in nz too!!

    did they have them in red as well?

  3. Thanks mum xoxo
    V, they only have brown or black, if they had red I so would have got red. The website says $109.90 NZ so I think they have them over there.

  4. It looks like they may have a sneaky hidden zip down the side, that would make them perfect. They rock!

  5. i love the buckles!


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