Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fashionspiration: Heartbreak High

Ryan looking hot.

Dennis in party mode.

Mai in cool 90's makeup.

Mai's jacket is so 90's, I had one so similar! Nicki's hair is cool.

Ryan and Mai fighting. They lived behind that roller door in a big warehouse. Drazic lived there too and slept on a mattress in the back of a Ute

Drazic and Anita, the love birds. (She tried, and failed to tame his bad boy ways)


Sarah the hippy. Her mum was really strict so she had to change her clothes at school to look cool.

Mai and Ryan at the "Shark Pool" which was the local hangout (me and my friends went to a pool house called Universal)

Anita and Sarah

Class clown Dennis and bad boy Drazic, best friends

Heartthrob Ryan in Dolly magazine (Aussie teen mag)

Drazic, no he wasn't gay.

Mai seems to love her hair mascara. (I did too)

Gothic Tess

I used to wear black lipstick too when I was gothic at 13 (for about 2 months)

Bolton, from Season 3.

Ryan made my heart melt.

Mai and Nikki.

Dennis always had something strange going on with his hair.

A teacher and Thania


Mai, she was "crazy" and an artist. I LOVED her the most.

I can't tell and Mai

Nikki, Ryan, Drazic, Sarah, Mai, Anita and Kurt

Drazic, every teen girl in the 90's favourite bad boy.

Thania has some cool eyebrows here.

Nikki and Mai, clashing bright prints and tye die....seem familiar???

This show was my favourite TV show when I was a teenager. Its an Australian TV show based on a successful Aussie movie of the same name that came out in 1993. It originally aired on Channel 10 but switched over to ABC after 2 seasons. That's when the show got gooooooood (fashion wise). The fashion was so inspirational for me. My favourite characters were Mai, Nikki and Thania. I wore bindi's like Nikki, crazy prints and hair mascara like Mai and pigtails like Thania.

My highschool was reallllllly similar to the one that this show was set at building and fashion wise. The reason for this might have been that the ABC sent people to my highschool to do research for the wardrobe department and they took a photo of me (and other people too, but hello they took a photo of me, I inspired the wardrobe people when really they inspired me)!!! You see my school had no uniform, the only rule was you had to wear shoes. So we had all the crazy teen styles of the 90's, the hippies, grungers, homies etc (no emo back then).

I really want to watch some Heartbreak high now, to see if it's really as good as I remember or if really its kinda lame.


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!
    you won't believe this but I used to watch this when i was a teenager too!!!
    I loved it so muuuuuuuch! lovely post!!!


  2. I LOVE YOU!!!!! This is the most brilliant, random post EVER! 10/10 xxx

  3. I thought Sarah was the most stylish girl in the world when I watched that show! I guess a part of me still thought that, until just now, when I realize how much I was affected by growing up in the 90s.

    Thanks for the memories!

  4. I'm from the United States and have never heard of this show, but I love seeing 90s style. You should totally post pictures of how you dressed!
    Oh by the way I randomly came across your blog because I was also wondering what happened to the lovely Agathe of Style Bytes.

  5. Heya Aimi.
    I'm happy to have new readers, yay! I did post photos of what I used to wear in this post http://fashionhayleyhome.blogspot.com/2008/05/deer-dana-this-is-my-fashion-history.html
    but it doesn't really show the full extent of my 90's hippy/grunge craziness. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) we didn't take to many photos during my teenage years. My mum actually reads my blog and said to me that the photos in this post are rather tame compared to how I would sometimes dress. Maybe I'll find something in my school yearbooks, I'll have a look but yeah I love the 90's fashion so much.

  6. love finding new aussie blogs! this post is the best, heartbreak high was easily one of the greatest shows on television, even by today's standards. it was so real, and yet so unreal.
    i do have to say, the post could do with more bolton. <333

    popped you on my blogroll!

  7. wowowowow!!1
    i can totally relate to this!! best blog eva!!!!
    i was SO obsessed with heartbreak high!!!!!??!
    it was so amazing and the fashion was great and it really had real life teen issues and awesome tension between characters!!!!!!
    i loved mai's wack everchanging hair!!
    do you rememebr the first episode she was in where she walked into teh school, like, in slow motion and i think she was wearing a fur coat?? she was SOOOOO bad ass cool!!!!
    ps. this is katis' friend holly!!
    x x x x x x x x

  8. The other girl in the fur is murder pic is Anita I think. I have oldly vivid memories of the episode. I think they got arrested.

    I remember my favourite Mai moment was when she got a job at the gallery and stuck her on painting it with some auction pieces or somthing and then got upset when the museum director said it was shit. She had this squiggly plastic thing in her hair that I loved.

    Anita used to wear these plastic fish clips in her hair too that I wanted soooo bad! Then like 5 years later I was at timezone and went to cash in my tickets and the fish clips were one of the prizes for like 5 tickets each. I was soooo excited!

    p.s. I heart your blog a whole bunch. I am slowly reading my way through it and enjoying myself immensely.

  9. Lovely! Though I'm a little disappointed you failed to mention Katerina, the episode where she left was the most emotional and the epitome of Heartbreak High! But I loved Mai, Draz, Anita, Ryan etc. as well. I was so happy when they repeated season 5 in the UK after it finished :-) Nice to see people still remember it (probably, after all I am 6 years late in commenting ;-)


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