Sunday, May 11, 2008

Can anyone translate German???

I just found this German documentary about my friend Maya from Tokyo. Its so crazy, they go to her house (I've slept on that bed!) and then to my hairdresser's (The Spank girls told me to go there, its called Number 406 and it's in Harajuku, and the guy doing Maya's hair was my hairdresser, he is really nice! Also its sooooo cheap there, it only cost $70 for my hair to be coloured from black to blonde with 3 applications of colour, that would be maybe $300-$400 here in Australia) then they go to the Yoyogi park bridge and Saki is there, but Maya and Saki never ever hang out there because its for Cos-Play teenagers but I guess they did it for TV. Then they go to the 2nd Pank Ponk party, which was 2 weeks after I left Japan :< It looks like so much fun I wish I could have been there. Yohei and Roxy are dj'ing and I love the bad 90's dance music they play. Such a cool video. I'll have to ask Maya about it. I can't believe she let them into her house, she is so embarrassed about how messy it is (it looks like she cleaned up a lot) that she has never had any visitors (except me, and yeah not even the other Spank girls, but then again Yuki lives 2 streets away from Tabuchi and they have both never visited each others houses either...its not the done thing at all in Japan to visit people's houses, mainly because they are so small, but yeah if you do visit someone's house its a HUGE deal and you have to bring a gift of food. The goodbye party at Tabuchi's house for me was the 1st time she had had visitors too, crazy right? That's why I'm so surprised about Maya letting a film crew into her house!!!)


  1. haha I just watched, i do speak german... my mama is german. but translating it bleh takes a hella lot of time! lol
    anyway their basically talking about how unique tokyo fashion is and that trends change much faster then in london paris nyc etc...
    and maya says in the beginning that her home is her lil kingdom and that she prefers to meet ppl outside, just like u said in ur post. what else bleh I can't remember!
    but thanks for this a pity i didnt see this on tv!


  2. "One of the most mysterious secrets in the world, next to the Aegyptian Pyramids, is the Japanese. Always eager to conform, to mingle with the masses, it is hard to get behind their facade. That is why nobody really is surprised by the masses of youths, clad in crazy outfits. Let's ask, why they do it.
    Blond, instead of black haired, the normal Japanese looks different. In the morning at Maya Suzuki's, her house is jam packed with kitsch. Maya's life is fashion, her style is a Japanese specialty, called "Spank", which sort of means spanking a little child's bottom. That is how Maya transforms into a little child, a grown-up woman in barbie-clothes. Normal in Japan.
    Maya: My apartment is very small, so I usually do not invite people here. I rather prefer going out, look at the fashion, and develop my own style. The most important things for me are fashion and the streets.
    One city as one big cat walk. From manga-costums to children's clothing, what looks like big fun, is a big business.
    This is the residence of a local fashion mogul, boutique of Toshikatsu Iwaya, with designs worth a small car. About 18000Euro he wants for one of his most expensive costum. His collection was shown at the TKY Fash Week. His inspiration comes from out there for free, on the streets.
    Iwaya: The special thing about J street fashion is that people take on influences from all over the world, and mix and match them all together in a wild manner. And in the end comes out something totally new, that is Tokyo.
    Afternoon with Maya, her hair gets a re-do. She, herself, now and then works as sales assistant in a fash shop, and spends all the money she earns for clothes. The motto for today is crazy, because she plans on going out big this night, with friends of her own kind.
    Maya: In TKY actually nobody stares at me for my style. There are so many styles, and most people accept my own as authentic, that is why I love TKY so much as a fashion capital.
    Like "see and being seen", fashion reporter are striving through the city, in search of hobby models, just like Maya. Later on, they appear on the Internet, and the pictures of her go all around the world. Still, a guy top street style model, clad in uberexpensive designer shirt, is rare even in TKY. His girlfriend is, by the way, currently working on her own fashion collection.
    He, Suichi Aoki, is the god father of str fash. His mag Fruits was already published 5 years ago, he has published books, and his pics even hang in museums.
    Aoki: There is actually no long fashion tradition in japan, so there is nothing like proper style, be it good or bad. So trends are born in TKY, and change so rapidly fast, much faster than in London NY, or Paris.
    Evening in Shibuya, here are the clubs, here is Maya and her friends. Today, Toy Death are playing. By the way, the party will go on until the morning, sleeping is usually skipped.
    Now, only one question left: who is the prettiest tonight? After a while, they agree, all three are the most prettiest tonight. who else?"

  3. WOW Thank you SO MUCH The_Kitten. Wow wow wow. I didn't actually expect anyone to actually translate the video for me. Now I know what it was all about, its a bit weird the whole thing about being a little child in an adults body, it makes it seem really seedy, but its so not. Spank is just about hyper cute and kawaii culture, which only makes sense in Japan but gets mis-interpreted in the west. Wow thanks so much for translating, so interesting to also know what Suichi Aoki had to say too. Thank you xxxxxxxxx

  4. the kitten rulz


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