Tuesday, May 6, 2008

24th Birthday Wishlist

Its my 24th Birthday on the 30th of May. Last year because I was in Japan my family and friends got away with not getting me any presents...well not this year! Also last year I didn't really do anything for my birthday because on May 5th we had a huge party (our wedding) and just a day later I went back to Australia for my Nana's funeral for 10 days so by the 30th of May I was exhausted and emotionally drained. So last year I just went to work like a normal day and came home to a nice dinner of tacos (my favourite food ever!) and cupcakes. This year I think I deserve something a bit better because recently, as you know, I have had a bit of a rough trot. However things are good again, yesterday the 5th of May was our 1 year wedding anniversary and we had a nice night. We went to dinner at my friends restaurant Tjanabi at Federation square and the meal was soooooo yummy and FREE! Yay (Thanks so much Jarra). I love the food at Tjanabi , its all made with local and native produce. It was Henry's first time there and he loved it too. We had a yummy mushroom soup for entrée , then I had a vegetable stack for my main that came with the most delicious lemon grass sauce ever, and Henry had a seafood bouillabaisse which he loved. For desert I had the pavlova (famous Australian desert, although New Zealanders like to say they invented it) and Henry had Frozen quandong and chocolate nougat icecream with native plum sauce....soooooo yum.

Ever the adult I chose a glass of coke instead of free wine. When will I grow up and learn to like wine, coffee and jazz??? I am 24 in less than 25 days people!!!

Henry bought me the new Marc Jacobs perfume Daisy (it was going to be on my birthday wishlist). He does listen when I walk him through Myer's perfume department. It came with body lotion and shower gel so I now smell so nice. I always tell him if perfume doesn't come with free gifts there is no point in buying it (at least in Australia where perfume is super expensive, in Japan I bought YSL Babydoll for $17, the same bottle here is at least $50, same size and everything, even in New York perfume was cheaper, and I stupidly bought some duty free on my way when it was way cheaper when we got there, poooo!)

Mine isn't as big as that bottle though....lol.

Birthday Wishlist

A black corset style belt with gold buckles.

Floral Doc Martens. I am a size 10 AUS or 41-42 UK.

The Agyness bag from Zu Shoes. RRP $90. I love the studded detail, it is big enough for uni and I love the name of the bag...it will be my first celebrity named bag.

A trip to Tokyo to see if I can still ride the subway with ease, lol. (In my dreams)

My main wish: A Karaoke party.

Karaoke fun...even though they don't look like they are having that much fun here.

My Japansese housemate (the tall guy) and his friends.

My sister, Ebony. I bought her that dress for $4 in Tokyo.

Today Rochelle (above) and Dylan (below) left for London for 1 year :<
A Karaoke party with my close friends and family would be my dream come true, however my closest friends are all overseas at the moment. These photo's are from my "welcome back to Melbourne party" from way back in August last year, the last party at my house.


  1. Ooh, I hope you get everything on your birthday wishlist - especially those floral doc martens, they are brilliant!
    Glad everything is going well now, welcome back to the blogging world - we missed you!

  2. everything is okay now? thats good to hear.
    i hope you get those floral doc martens! they're so rad!

  3. Your housemate is handsome.
    You have a fun-looking life!



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