Sunday, April 27, 2008

Savers and closing down sales

Here I am in 2 more of my Footscray Savers finds, the black skirt was $5.99 and the check shirt was $3.99.
Skirt: I hardly ever wear skirts anymore, so I was a bit apprehensive about it at first, because I thought maybe I wouldn't really wear it. Well here I am wearing it and I think its fine. I love that its high waisted, but I think its a little long so maybe I will shorten it, but I already have like 10 sewing projects that I need to do so I doubt I'll ever bother...gah I wish I wasn't so lazy.
Top: I keep seeing similar shirts EVERYWHERE, this one even has the same fastening flaps on the arm to hold up the rolled up sleeves like all the ones I have seen in the shops...Its weird that it was from Savers considering how "now" it is....
Necklace: Its the one I got for $1 at the Country Road at DFO Spencer street...I love this necklace.
I am also wearing a gold bird broach I bought years and years ago for $12 at Hunter Gatherer in Fitzroy.
My belt and leggings are as per usual...I need new comfy leggings and a cool belt sooo bad.

We went down to Fitzroy for breakfast at 2:30 in the afternoon and then some cake...mmmmm what a nice lazy Sunday.

While down there we noticed a closing down sale at Aboh shoes on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. I ended up with some more new shoes.

They are actually men's shoes that Henry was thinking about buying but he decided on another pair...I liked them heaps so I was like, well I'll try them on and voila I love them.
At the SALE all men's shoes were $65 and all woman's shoes were $35 or woman's boots for $55. So as these were men's they were $65. Henry got some brown shoes to wear to his new Interior Designer job...and some new black work pants from Clear It, the Dangerfield outlet store also on Brunswick street... It's so exciting that he has this job, his future is set!

We had such a nice day of shopping and eating...ahhh I love Sundays.

I also had my good friend who is leaving to go to the UK for a year next week over for drinks at our place. Here we are, really drunk...and Hachiko and me have the exact same facial expression...what's with that?


  1. wow! your shoes are sweet, and that top is such a great find. i'm always at savers in footscray and never ever find any clothes there! except for these pairs of jeans one time which i love.

    anyway i stumbled upon your blog and it's great. maybe i'll bump into you at savers one day :)

  2. omg! those shoes! they are divine!

  3. really love the entire outfit!!!
    those shoes are da bomb!!

    drunk = fun
    and u and ur dog man thats hilarious! i seriously laughed for a couple of minutes!!

  4. hay glad to see you're back!
    man... your shoes are awesome.
    i reckon you and hachiko have the same expression coz I find that alot of dogs have personality's like their owner. i know, its a terrible and weird theory but it has been proven correct a few times.

  5. mens shoes...genius! adorable too!

  6. nice find with know you know you 'rocked it first' who would of thought Madonna was stealing your looks!


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