Friday, April 4, 2008

New Dress

This is the Femme connection dress I told y'all about the other day. Worn with my new shoes, fave belt (I need to get a new belt I wear this every day!) and customised chain necklace.
I picked this dress up because I knew it would suit my figure. Anything high waisted with sorta long arms just flatters me more than any other dress shape. The price was another key factor at just $19.99 it was just too good a bargain to pass up.I also know it looks exactly like the above FCUK dress which is $149.99. Its weird when chain stores copy other chain stores hey? Unless the FCUK one is a copy of a designer dress I don't know about?


  1. love the dress and the shoes... btw it's a Chanel!

  2. lovely dress, it really looks great on you!!!!
    btw I made a new blog, of my london adventures! take a look dear <3

  3. I have had my eye on that FCUK dress. Yours is gorgeous.


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