Friday, March 28, 2008

Some cheapo shopping

As some of you know I am a poor Uni student struggling to make ends meet. This means I can't buy the brands I want to, instead I have to go and hunt down similar items at cheaper prices. Well here are my recent cheapo finds:

Wet look lame leggings ala American Apparel but for a fraction of the price at $12 from Deborah K on Swanston Street. I actually do own some AA silver lame leggings but they have lost their shine and are basically white leggings with silver patches and dirty knees...This all happened in ONE very drunken night! Yep they only lasted 1 I'll never shell out the big cash at AA ever ever again!

Pretty shitty hey?

Next up is a amazing collection of make-up in amazing colours...Guess how much the whole lot cost me? $10. Yep that's right, only $10. Its probably not the best quality but right now I'm all about quantity not quality. I got the lot at Carringtons Accessories on Swanston Street, that cheapo place that sells watches for $10 each and jewelery for 2 for $5. Ahhhh bargains.

That's it for now. Honestly though, Swanston Street is the place of miracles. I've got $3 pairs of sparkly red ballet flats from the 7 Angels basement store, many a bargain at Arthur Daleys and I've been shopping at Deborah K since I was 13 and was 1st allowed to go to the city by myself. Does anyone else share my love? Or do you all think I'm a crazy cheap bitch?


  1. OMG! I have silver AA leggings too!!! How'd you make it with destroying them completely so I can learn and avoid the same mistake :)

  2. I have no idea how I did it. I wore them out to a party and got very drunk and danced from midnight to 5am and I guess I was sweaty cos it was Summer...I must have kneel'd down somewhere to get the brown dirt on the knee which didn't wash off. I just wore them on a regular night out I guess if you want them to last don't go out dancing??? I got them at the Tokyo AA store and they have a no returns policy on the leggings, maybe thats a sign that they have problems?

  3. nah dont be ashamed of such bargain hunting coz it can be incredibly rewarding if you find a mega cheap item.
    i too have money problems. *urk*

  4. Oh my goodness.
    I really didn't think those leggings would make it to the high street around here.. guess I was wrong.
    And annoyed because I only just bought some off ebay from the UK..
    Although at $12 I may be able to afford one more pair.. for comparing quality of course *cough*

    Great blog by the way - am adding you to my links. I love to see other Aussies blogging =]

  5. I just checked out the AA website. Are the lame leggings comfortable to wear?

  6. Hey Sheryl. The AA leggings are comfy, but I really wouldn't recommend them because of what happened to mine.

  7. Love your style, girl and share your love for bargins.. i got the same fluro eye shadow!

    But I have one thing to say.. please if you can help it, don't shop at Carringtons again. I recently have worked there as a bunch of my friends have also and we have all left or been "fired" with accusations of stealing money and handbags. Seriously?? as staff we get things there half price so why the hell would I steal a $5, well $2.50 handbag??!!! considering they pay the staff cash in hand below minimum wage its no wonder they sell cheap.

    Anyway.. i was so very disappointed as i have been shopping there for many years and i do love the BYS eyeshadow!! but before i left i managed to get the melbourne rep of BYS phone number so now i just get it wholesale.

    Carrington bosses are A**holes. you can get the same brands for the same price from the Reject Shop or places similar, that i go to now!! at least they pay their staff well and have respect for them :)

    Also other places for awesome bargins on a budget.. Groove always has bits and pieces on sale i find too. xo


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