Thursday, March 27, 2008

A look into the apartment of a DJ/graffiti artist

This is my friend Tony's apartment, which is in the same building that we live in. I've been friends with him since highschool, he was once even our housemate at our old house...but he is a bit too messy for us. He is a DJ and graffiti artist and basically a party animal.

I love how he uses his ikea couches as doodle pads, such a cool idea. They were free from the previous tenant. Lucky!!!

He is also really into fashion and collects vintage sunglasses and sneakers. I love how he shows off his collection of sneakers. He recently got his hair dyed blond which really suits him I think (in 1st photo).

You can see Henry matches the interior, its more boyish than our girly house, and it suits his new leather jacket (from the girls section at Target for only $40 bargain!!!)

You can see the red office chair I gave him has been graffiti'd on to say "sit on me", I tried to clean it off so I could have it back for my new desk but its been done with permanent market, grrrrrr.

I love his collection of polaroids. Its such a shame that they aren't going to make the film any longer...what will people decorate walls with then?

So what do you think? Its very street edge-y and hipster cool, but too boy-sy for me to live in, but its fun to visit.


  1. How the hell does he afford a TV like that?

    Anyways it's a bit too hipsterish for my taste.

  2. lol @ paris' hot lesbian romp.
    i like how his wall is littered with polaroids and other images.

    i agree with anon on the subject of the tv. its muh-assive.

  3. The Tv is Huge, but its a cheapo brand...His Dad bought it for him, lol.

  4. love the Russian mobster sunglasses - it's the glasses chain, it always make me think (in thick Russian accent) "My name's Vikor and I'm in imports-exports"

    What's GO with CSC closing? Read your post at Aus Style WTF the tunnel collapsed!?!?!?!

  5. Hey Imelda, he got the "Russian Mobster" gold glasses chain for $1 at Arthur Daleys on Swanston Street that day. Next time I see him I'll tell him they are very Russian mobster, see what he says.


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