Thursday, March 13, 2008

Japan/Tokyo Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 08-09

I really wish I was back in Tokyo right now because its Tokyo Fashion week again. As some of you know I was really lucky to be able to attend this event last year. If I was there right now these are some of the shows I would have seen:

Kamishima Chinami

I didn't actually know of this label when I lived in Tokyo, I just found it looking through the collection photos. I love it the whole look, the neo-goth lux gowns, the shiny tights, the shapes and the colours. When I return to Tokyo I'm going to hunt this label down that's for sure!


This is one of my favourite labels in Japan. I saw their 07-08 collection when I was there and had to have so many pieces (I got a giant dress and a handbag) and this collection is the same. I wish I could have seen the show as they are famous for having a kinda theatrical conceptual show. This collection is very "Donny Darko" don't you think?

The one thing that surprised me is that Mercibeaucoup didn't have a show...and that are my number 1 favorite Japanese fashion label! I hope the label still exists and they haven't collapsed, just that they are having a break from the runway for a season.

Hayley xxx

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