Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Decorations

I finally put up the Christmas Decorations. It took a while to get Henry to help me put hooks up because he thought it was all so unnecessary. Well now he see's my vision and loves the decorations. The colour theme is red, white and pink and I think it works well.

I made the wreath using a $2 shop basic ugly wreath and then just wrapped it with fabric scraps. I think it looks pretty cool. No one else in the apartment building have wreaths up, we are the only ones.

I made the banner as well. I got the apple cut-outs at a craft shop for $2. Easy and so cute.
The deer is wearing some lovely earrings too. hehehee

The shelves have some pretty Christmas bows and the stuffed birds I made.

We hung up some Asian lanterns.

I made the hanging mobile and the Christmas stockings. I just stuck the snowflakes on, I got them from an Asian $2 shop.

The white Christmas tree from ebay for $30 looks pretty cool.
We had to put it on top of a box so the dog wouldn't chew the tree.

We hung up the snowflakes I made to frame the tree, and to make our view a little more interesting.

Well what do you guys think?


  1. aaah thats a super cute xmas decoration!!!!
    love it <3 <3
    even though i never decorate my own place for christmas ^^


  2. Love the Decorations. I decided not to really do any this year just because not really doing Xmas this year.
    Anyway Hope you have a lovely Xmas. looks like it's going to be a nice one.

  3. Hi Hayley. I came across your blog when I was googlien my fave vintage shop in Tokyo as I am heading back there soon. It looks like you had great adventures there, loved your wedding shots! Kawaii ne!

  4. Hi Hayley

    I came across your blog looking for my fave vintage shop in Tokyo. I am heading back there soon, for New Year. Looks like you had a great time there! Loved your wedding pics! Im a Melbourne filmmaker who loves Japan too! Have a good Christmas. :) Gen

  5. Thanx Coco. You should decorate, it puts you in the mood for Christmas.

    Thank Jarra and again you should decorate it can be so much fun!

    Cheers Genki Gen (I think you are the anon poster too) What vintage store is your fave in Tokyo?
    New Year in Japan is so nice and peaceful, no parties just going to a temple with family to ring a bell. I loved it last year, even though we were sick. I'm so jealous.

  6. HIYA! love the dcecorations, hope you had a good christmas! love your apartment and OMG YOUR DOGGIE IS THE BEST THING EVER.
    anyway, lol, was wondering if you could possibly help me out a bit. Ive recently started getting interested in teaching english in Japan and I just wantd to ask some questions to someone whos been there and done it.
    What did the english lessons actually involve, I guess you were teahcing people who could speak it already?
    how much japanese did you learn before hand and how much would you recommend learning?
    you dont even mention it on your japan blog which seems weird to me because its the part im a bit worried about :) but i guess you were just too excited by everything else.
    anyway any resources you could link me to or advice you could give would be really appreciated, thanks ^_^
    email me on: franfran_coles@hotmail.com

    or jus reply here. thanks!
    love your blog!


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