Friday, January 5, 2007

Henry has been here 1 month already!

Konichiwa from Tokyo, where you can ride a panda anytime you want!

I can't believe Henry has been here for 1 month already. It only feels like yesterday when I was madly excited that he would be here in 2 weeks! Its crazy, even crazier because he leaves in 1 month! I'm going to be so sad, maybe I will have to leave with him....

So far we have done alot of shopping, bike riding and partying. We also had a 17 year old from Australia stay with us, who was here in Japan on a school exchange in Nagoya but got kicked out of her host familys house for no reason. She was here for Christmas. Lovely girl. OH and before Henry came I had a few other visitors, Jarra who I've known since primary school and Marrawa who works at Genki and is a circus performer who only wears a Koala outfit. Kawaii!

This is Marrawa plus a few balloons at the after party for a fashion show we went to in Harajuku, under the Marc Jacobs store! The after party was in Shibuya at this cool bar that is decrated with millions of deer heads, chandeliers and guilded mirrors.

Ths fashion parade was at a cool place in Harajuku under the Marc Jacobs store, the runway was on a see through hallway that you could see bear traps under your feet.

Marrawa and Gallermic (the Fashion Ramone) enjoy the chu-hi limited edition strawberry flavour.

Me and Henry look good on bikes.

Henry and Jackie the 17 year old run away from Nagoya also enjoy the chu-hi limited edition winter strawberry flavour.

Gallermic and me.

Henry looking scared on the worlds TALLEST ferris wheel in Odaiba, Tokyo!!!
Its 115 metres tall!

Gotta love the fake statue of liberty in Odaiba!

The cool kids do karaoke!

Christmas day. Jackie made all the food (I was realllllly sick with gastro virus...I had to leave work half way through a lesson to vomit...ewwww). Hillary is with her bf Naoto, and beside me is my new housemate Gabrielle from Canada...

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  1. Wow great photos.
    You wouldn't guess how much I miss Tokyo. I wish I was there now.
    I know you'll miss Henry when he's gone but trust me, it's best you finish off your year there, you'll only regret it if you don't.


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