Friday, December 1, 2006

Teenage Kicks, Spank me and more!

I havent posted in a while due to being lazy and partying! Fucking fashinista post modern me in Tokyo Honey. Teenage Kicks is a fully HOT party, KIM from the Presets dj'd and so did my friend Gallermic (The Fashion Ramone). I danced all night, and met some cool fashion chicks from a shop called Spank Me. Im getting into the fashion friend Gallermic was in FRUiTS mag...and Tabochi and Yuki are in Cutie mag alllll the time... They are soooo cute and cool i LOVE them. We went shopping together the other day, and they showed me their cool shop Spank Me...its near Harajuku. They have another one in Koenji, and Im going to teach them English...yay...They sell cute vintage clothes they source from America...coool

Tabochi, Yuki and another Spank girl at the Spank shop!

I also went to an indie rock gig with Gallermic, Singo and Sono (wearing Marc Jacobs shoes)...So fun. We looked fashion, and I stole a plastic pizza and we ate junk food and caught a taxi home together...

mmmmmmmmmmmplastic pizza...Gallermic fashionista blogger photographer is in the reflection



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