Monday, April 10, 2017

Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves

My sister Ebony,and I had the pleasure of taking over the newly launched Twoobs Snapchat account on Saturday (go ahead and follow them @twoobs and me @fashionhayley while you're at it, I freaking love Snapchat) Anyway we had a really fun day of shopping the new season launch at Mister Zimi which was crazily busy as this new collection has so many to die for pieces, I want one of everything, but luckily I didn't go too crazy and only bought the above dress in the 'Poppy' print whilst Ebs bought the matching 'Poppy' jumpsuit and a top and skirt in the pink 'Desert Lily' print. This is my first Mister Zimi purchase and I was happily surprised by the sizing, Due to their returns policy I was reluctant to purchase online without first trying on the pieces which is why we headed down to the launch, and whilst the size 14 jumpsuit was never going to get over my butt I ended up being a 12 in a few of the skirts, dresses and tops (basically all of my weight is carried in my bottom half). So if you're on the curvier side like me I wouldn't be afraid of heading in store and trying on some pieces because they can work for you - especially as a lot of the tops have fluted sleeves which allow for arm fat which I know can be an issue with other straight sized brands not grading up the arms in larger sizes. Sizing is weird in all stores so as always I tend to ignore the number on the tag and simply try things on because you never know what will work for you and how you want the piece to fit. In recent weeks I've bought everything from a size 10 jumper as I preferred the length on me to a size 16 dress because the 14 wouldn't get over my hips so that just goes to show you just really never know.

We went to Luna Park to recreate one of my most famous fashionhayley Snapchat moments - me screaming on a roller coaster at the Royal Melbourne Show. Unfortunately I got in trouble for using my phone on the ride (I have a case with a handle that can go over my wrist so there was no risk to the safety of the people below) so the short clip I got was at a kinda terrible angle but oh well it was still fun. My sister was feeling a bit sick so she skipped the ride and my ex boyfriend Stephen who met us to take our new outfit #twinning photos came on with me, PS how good a job did he do taking our photos for our impromptu matching outfit photo shoot? Thanks m8!

Outfit details

On me
Dress Mister Zimi
Flatforms Twoobs
Bag From St Xavier x How Tow Live
Bag pom poms attached to our Mister Zimi shopping bags
Sunglasses Fendi via Vision Direct
Earrings Kitsu

On my sis
Jumpsuit Mister Zimi
Flatforms Twoobs
Bag Zara
Bag pom poms attached to our Mister Zimi shopping bags
Sunglasses Kinki Gerlinki

My 'This is Living' bag is a collaboration piece by Jess and Stef of How Two Live and From St Xavier and is available to buy from ASOS. It was sent to me in a HUGE box that said to be careful when you cut it open as inside was a freaking HELIUM BALLOON! Honestly all parcels should come with a helium balloon, it certainly made my day!

Our shopping bags from Mister Zimi came with these cute pom pom's attached to the strap so we added them to our bags cos why not?

Honestly it was such a fun day, non stop laughing and good times!

My fave new sunglasses by Fendi from Vision Direct. I love the zig zag arm so much, they're just so unique!

Bag From St Xavier x How Tow Live
Sunglasses Fendi via Vision Direct

Bag From St Xavier x How Tow Live

Sparkly pink glitter flatforms - basically these are me in shoe form! I LOVE them!

Flatforms Twoobs

Ebs caught the giggles too!

My sister's style is more refined and classic than mine but she still likes to have fun with colour and accessories.

Ebs loved the mint colour of her twoobs - mint is her signature colour like pink is mine.

Flatforms Twoobs

I'm so lucky to have such an awesome sister, honestly sometimes I don't know what I'd do without her. Yes like all sisters we sometimes fight, but I know and she knows that deep down we love each other and will always be there when the other needs us. Thanks Ebs for coming on our epic #twoobs Snapchat takeover I had a lot of fun!

Shop the look!!!

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  1. Aaaaah such a fun day! You guys look amaze in your Mister Zimi/TWOOBS combo. Thanks so much for taking over for the day xxx


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