Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Yayoi Kusama 'Life is the Heart of a Rainbow' at QAGOMA

 On the weekend I had the absolute pleasure of being the guest of the fabulous QAGOMA in Brisbane for the Yayoi Kusma 'Life is the Heart of a Rainbow' exhibition opening. To say that this was the most incredible exhibition I have ever seen is an understatement. I have loved Yayoi Kusama actually since first discovering her work at the very same gallery in 2002 at the Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (well when it was just the Queensland Art Gallery as GOMA opened in 2006) when I went to Brisbane on my own version of a 'schoolies' trip (schoolies is an end of high school giant party typically on the beach, like spring break in the USA I guess. My version was more visiting art galleries and markets whilst staying with friends than drinking too many UDL's before passing out on the beach). So to me having that very gallery where I discovered the artist for the first time as an 18 year old invite me to the opening and fly me up was mind blowing, a full circle moment, honestly 18 year old me would not believe it for a minute.

 Seeing 'I want to Love on the Festival Night' in person was everything to me.

 My friends Lucinda and Haidee checking out the art at the media preview.

 I wore my new Mireia Ruiz for Gorman dress and Twoobs for Gorman shoes to the media preview.

 'The Spirit of the Pumpkins Descended to the Heavens'

 'Dots Obsession'

 This is the 3rd time I have now seen 'The Obliteration Room' at the gallery in Brisbane, the first time was all those years ago as an 18 year old.

 I got to meet the fabulous Brisbane creative identity Rachel Burke from imakestagram 

 We were a bit drunk from free champers at the opening night and kept setting of the door sensors for the 'Soul Under The Moon' piece and didn't get to experience the full sensory overload. An excuse to revisit before the exhibition closes I think.

 'My Eternal Soul' is a series where the artist challenged herself to make a series of 100 canvasses over an 18 month period in 2009-2010. Once the challenge was over she decided to keep working at the same pace and has continued to paint in this way ever since with her paintings now culminating in the high hundreds.

 I wore my rainbow outfit from my last blog post to the opening night in honour of the rainbow theme of the exhibition.

 'Experiments in Japan' from her return from NYC to Japan in the 1970's.

 I was put up in the fabulous Art Series Hotel in Spring Hill called The Johnson. Upon checking in I was informed they had an award winning pool so I immediately knew what I was going to do after the mornings media preview - champers and uber eats by the pool of course!

Outfit details
Scarf Julie White
Fruit Bikini Mireia Ruiz for Gorman
Sarong Ken Done I bought from his old Melbourne Central store with my xmas money when I was 13 because I saw it in Girlfriend magazine
Sunnies Tsumori Chisato
Sandals Twoobs for Gorman

 Living the life!

 My Brissy bff Lucinda and I own matching Barbie togs (although mine were from Myer Miss Shop and hers from Big W) so we decided to do an impromptu photoshoot with the inflatable flamingo my sister leant me for the trip.

 Barbie Girls!

Not content with one fabulous day by the pool. the next day Lucinda, Felix the Flamingo and I decided to spend the day in the pool at Lucinda's parents amazing apartment. Honestly I had the most amazing trip up to Brisbane, as I always do, it's one of my favourite cities to visit in Australia and I can't recommend a trip up to visit the gallery and enjoy the sunshine enough.

Yayoi Kusma 'Life is the Heart of a Rainbow' is on at QAGOMA until 11 Feb 2018 and has Free Entry!

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  1. OMG this exhibit is AMAAAAAZING!! WOW, thanks for showing it to us!! Love your Barbie photos too, awesome!!


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