Sunday, September 11, 2016

Big Kid at Heart

 Luna Park in St Kilda has always been one of my favourite places. I have fond memories of riding the Scenic Railway rollercoaster with my mum as a kid and infamously (in our family) proclaiming "this is radical mum!" as we went down the first drop as she sat there quietly terrified and fuming that my dad had chickened out of going on and left it up to her. Sadly the Scenic Railway wasn't open yesterday when we were there otherwise I would have gone on as it is one of my all time favourite rides in the world. I love how rickety it is and that it is still operated by someone standing in the middle of all the carriages to manually apply the breaks. It was built in 1912 and is the oldest continuously operating roller coaster in the world, which makes it pretty bloody cool in my opinion.

Outfit details
Pink coat Savers
Gingham dress Naomi Murrell
Pink top Uniqlo Heattech
Crossbody bag Sammy Dress
Pink flatforms Gorman
Earrings Kitsu
Pink flower ring & red Love ring Paris Kids Harajuku
Bangle Sly Pony
Pink knickers pin Creepy Gals

Every expert on thrifting and shopping vintage always has the same advice - don't go in looking for a specific item because you will leave empty handed, always go in with an open mind. Now I don't actually think that is terrible advice but this pink coat proves that it's not always true. I went to the coat section of my local Savers looking for a pink coat and this was sitting there in my exact size as if it were waiting for me. It definitely was an opshopping miracle, but it goes to show that if you are after that specific piece you may very well be lucky like I was. It was also something ridiculously cheap like $7. Such a lucky find!

Pink coat Savers

Never going to stop wearing these earrings!

Earrings Kitsu

This pin is basically the best pin to ever exist!

Pink knickers pin Creepy Gals

Naomi Murrell is an Adelaide based label who had a pop up shop a couple of months ago at the now defunct Limedrop store. I picked up this super cute gingham dress there and have been wearing it all winter. I have always been obsessed with anything in classic black and white gingham, and I think paired back with pink it looks super cute.

Gingham dress Naomi Murrell

I am so into crossbody bags at the moment, and this one is just so adorable with it's red hearts and cute gold chain straps. J'adore!

Crossbody bag Sammy Dress

These Gorman flatforms have been on my wish list for so long. They were in a lookbook released last year but then never seemed to go into any stores. There were lots of rumours on Gorman buy sell facebook pages as to why this was the case, apparently the pink section was very easily scuffed, which doesn't really bother me all that much. It appears they went into stores very briefly before being recalled and on one of those same Gorman buy sell facebook pages recently I saw someone post a pair for sale and I snapped them up right away. Obviously it would be great if they don't and up scuffing but they're so beautiful I don't actually mind.

Pink flatforms Gorman

Shop the look!!!


  1. Love the dress.

    I've been opshopping a few times and found the exact thing I want. Like my son came home and told me he had his formal in two days time and needed a suit! I thought I'd be hunting forever but found something in 30 secs. Although I guess a guy's suit isn't that a big an ask :)

    Btw the scenic railway is as scary as hell!

  2. I still haven't been to Luna Park, I need to go one day! I love that bag so much, crossbody bags are my fave!


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