Sunday, April 10, 2016

Twoobs with my bff!

 When the lovely sister duo Jess and Stef from the wildly successful How Two Live blog messaged me to ask if me and my bff wanted to each have a pair of their new shoe line Twoobs I jumped at the chance. The sister's have a pretty similar aesthetic to me - bright, fun, colourful and playful with a love of high platforms and their new shoe range reflects that. My bff Lauren, otherwise knows as Laurie Luxe, is a HUGE fan of orange, just about as much of a fun of the colour as I am of pink so it was perfect that the shoes came in both our favourite colours. Twoobs are made with besties in mind, you can never have too many shoes or friends. However I'll only ever have one bestie, Lauren means the world to me so it was great to be able to share something with her from my blog. Thanks Jess and Stef (。♥‿♥。)

Outfit details

Laurie Luxe
Top Ginkgo from Vietnam
Floral pants Vintage
Watch From Japan
Orange platform shoes Twoobs Tishy//Tash

Fashion Hayley
Top Camille Walala x Gorman
Skirt Eat Me Do
Heart lollu pop earrings WC by Wakatsuki Chinatsu Harajuku
Flower bangle Materiel Design
Rings Paris Kids Harajuku
Pink platform shoes Twoobs Amanda//Mavis

 Bffs 4eva!

 #orangecore VS #pinkcore

Our Twoobs! We both love them, so comfy, so bright and such a good platform height!

 Always laughing with this one!

All of the smiles!


  1. so cute !!!
    you guys look like a lot of fun...

  2. are you real sister. looking stunning both.

  3. two cute outfits from two inspiring ladies!

  4. I LOVE these shots - so fun and funky! Love the bold, vibrant colours and prints!!

    Super cute :)



  5. Ohmygod, you two look amazing!
    I love ho you dress up hayley. Love pink!

    Putri |


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