Monday, December 7, 2015

Daikanyama Punyus Kicks

 One of the first things I did when I got to Tokyo was hit up Punyus, which if you've been following my blog you'd know I am obsessed with. Punyus is basically Japan's only fashion forward plus size store. It's not really all that plus size though, it goes up to about an AU 20 which is a USA 16 depending on the item. They have four sizes - size 1 which is like an AU size 6-8, size 2 which is an AU 10-12, size 3 which is an AU 14-16 and size 4 which is like an AU 18-20 (for the equivalent in USA sizing just minus 2 from each, UK sizing is the same as AU). I picked up these wicked tartan culottes that I'd been eyeing off in their online store as well as the cute white shirt I'm wearing and a Narutomaki jumper which I've shared on instagram. Above the ankle culotte style pants are a huge trend over here in Tokyo right now for winter teamed with cute socks and flats. I'm not a big pants wearer but I couldn't resist giving these a try and I'm glad I did, I got stopped in the street for photos a few times in this outfit - follow my snapchat @fashionhayley to get a glimpse into my daily life here in Tokyo and maybe you'll see just how often that happens (If I manage to remember to snapchat it haha) I guess I stand out with my pink hair and bright clothes?

Outfit details
Pink leather jacket Gorman
White shirt Punyus with DIY iron on patches from vintage stores around Tokyo
Red tartan culottes Punyus
Watermelon socks Gorman 
Pink Brogues Topshop
Backpack Fjallraven Kanken

 This shirt was actually just a plain white shirt from Punyus. The cut is really nice, it has these puffy sleeves I love but didn't photograph for you. Anyway I felt it was just too plain for me so I collected a few iron on patches from vintage stores in Koenji and had a little DIY session in the morning before meeting my friends for lunch in Daikanyama. It made me 10 minutes late but was oh so worth it don't you think?

 My flower ring and heart ring are from Paris Kids, a store in Harajuku where all jewellery and accessories are Y324. Well guess what? They now have an online store that delivers worldwide!

My Fjallraven Kanken backpack is still coming in handy this trip. They seem to be popular around Tokyo too, I'm always spotting them.

I will never stop loving these old season watermelon socks from Gorman! They look so cute paired with my pink brogues and red tartan pants - my new obsession is red and pink together.

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  1. love the patches you added to your shirt! super cute

  2. I love this look! That jacket always kills me.

    I love following along on your Japan adventures on snapchat. Do you get your nails done in Tokyo? Any recs? I'm visiting in the spring and want to get mine done there.

  3. I love the colours you've used in this outfit! Red tartan goes so well with pink! (and the alterations to that shirt give it so much pizazz)

  4. Yesss, Punyus is AMAZING! I managed to order one of their Fukubukuro, can't wait :D
    The pants are especially great, you matched the colours wonderfully


  5. It's been so fun, wish you could stay forever
    Yalei xx


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