Monday, June 8, 2015


Everybody's favourite coffee scrub Frank Body has branched out and launched an amazing coffee infused skincare line for your FACE! Their dirty little secret was revealed at a fun filled pink themed party the other week - think pink walls, pink balloons, pink mini polaroids, pink dressing gowns and pink hoola hoops! Basically it was my kinda party - a pink party!

Social media-ing at the event, a little bit of upskirt action too haha.

Me with some of the models, I don't know what I was doing with my hand, but I do know I was having fun!

All the guests came away with the new range to test out for ourselves, how very lucky! I really love the packaging with the hints of pink and minimal design it's very chic!

As you can see I was very excited to test out the new Frank Body face range! A big positive with the Frank Body range is that it's not tested on animals, as the packaging says it's "only tested on babes" so that gets a big thumbs up from me! I've been using the products for just over two weeks now in order to give you my honest opinion on if and how they work.

First up was the Creamy Face Scrub - made with a blend of freshly roasted and ground Robusta Coffee to scrub away dry flakey skin, White Clay to help detoxify the skin helping to clean, nourish and soothe all skin types, Rosehip Oil which helps to regenerate skill cells and repair damaged skin tissue and Coconut, Grape Seed & Sweet Almond Oils which are rich in vitamins and minerals and are perfect for hydrating the skin. I have very sensitive skin and found this scrub didn't irritate my skin at all which I have often found with other face scrubs - it says in the flyer that it's rough and gentle all at once which is the best way to describe it as it leaves my skin feeling exfoliated yet moisturised at the same time, and after using it for about two weeks now my skin is feeling softer than ever before! And as much as it looks like poo when smeared all over my face this is definitely a repurchase item for me as it really seems to work wonders on my skin!

Next up is the Creamy Face Cleanser.  With Green Coffee Extract which has a high caffeine content that stimulates blood flow targeting psoriasis, eczema and acne, Marshmallow Root & Echinacea Extract which help to reduce puffiness and skin inflammation, Charcoal which you may be familiar with in Asian face masks targeting all your impurities, well the same applies here as the charcoal helps to draw out bacteria, dirt, chemicals and left over makeup (and it really does the job well) as well as the moisturising Coconut, Grape Seed & Sweet Almond Oils that importantly don't clog your pores! This cleanser has fast become my go to of a morning to cleanse away any left over makeup my usual Bioderma missed the night before, and a few times per week I like to use it with my Clarisonic for a really deep clean. I really feel that the charcoal element is what sets this cleanser apart and makes it work as well as I believe it does. Another repurchase item for me!

Lastly is the Everyday Face Moisturiser. This again has Green Coffee Extract, this time the caffeine and high levels of amino acids rejuvenate the skin, improving firmness and texture while reducig redness, Cocoa & Shea Butters are deeply hydrating which is obviously important in a moisturiser, Vitamin E a powerful antioxidant that targets dryness, acne and fine lines and Coconut, Grape Seed & Sweet Almond Oils which help to tighten and tone skin and are great at targeting breakouts.  Personally with a daily face moisturiser I prefer to use a combined sunscreen and moisturiser all in one as I do live in Australia after all and sun damage is a daily battle here. Sadly the Frank Body moisturiser doesn't contain any SPF but I do love that it is an all natural product not tested on animals. I would recommend it for someone who was after an all natural daily moisturiser that does work at reducing those fine lines and it really does leave my skin feeling smoother than a babies bottom. If it did have sunscreen I would love this product but as it stands I'll only use it at night as a night cream.

Thanks Frank Body for letting me get dirty with your new face range. I had a blast at the party and loved trying out the products for you all xoxo


  1. Wow so jealous I love this Frank Body!

  2. Wow Hayley you've really made quite an impression. It's great to hear about your positive experience with the Frank Body coffee scrub. Looks like you had a lot of fun for sure! You definitely got #thefrankeffect #letsbefrank about it.


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