Wednesday, March 25, 2015


This outfit is very ME! It's LOUD, it's BOLD and it's BRIGHT hence the title of my post #DUFFlife! The DUFF is a subversive new teen comedy in cinemas 2 April that has been given the Tavi Gevinson seal of approval. #DUFFlife is all about individuality and embracing your inner DUFF (which means your truest self). For me this is it - a bold, bright and fabulous dress, fluff ball earrings and even fluffier accessories, statement shoes and my go-to favourite sunnies!

Outfit details
Dress Marimekko Unikko Flower Print 50th Anniversary Edition
Fluffy bag Chloe
Shoes Gorman
Necklace Minpin Design
Pom pom bracelet Poms Jewellery
Pom pom earrings Etsy
Sunglasses Tsumori Chisato

I adore Marimekko and am so happy that they finally have stores in Australia! I've had a special plate for my home with the Unikko flower print for over 10 years now and still love it as much as the day I bought it. The Unikko flower print is Marimekko's most famous design and in 2014 the print celebrated it's 50th Anniversary. As part of the celebrations they released a clothing collection featuring the now iconic print and this jumper dress is one of the stand out pieces from that collection. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to buy it. Not only was it such a good cut for my figure but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to wear my favourite flower print.

So happy being me #DUFFlife

I see you babe! You too can express your inner #DUFF by hashtagging #DUFFlife on social media. Show us what makes you unique and you can win some great prizes. Make sure to follow me on Instagram to find out how to win.

Pom pom earrings are everything to me!

Now I even have a pom pom bracelet!

I love this cute little necklace I picked up at a craft market. Mixing local hand made pieces with designer and vintage is so me #DUFFlife!

Vintage Chloe fur ball bag - fluffy furry accessories are my thing you guys!

Gorman make the best shoes!


  1. good to see you back in your usual fluffy and colourful self

  2. You look stunning in that red unikko dress :) your sunglasses match the print so very well <3
    And the backgrounds are amazing too! Always exciting to see a new post by you.

  3. Hate the shoes. Love the pom pom earrings! Wow, you've lost a stack of weight!

  4. ooh yum this dress is a total winner

  5. awww I love marimeko and your outfit x3 xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  6. Love these photos lady! Soooo good.

  7. This is amazing!! Love the boldness of it!

  8. Tbackground is just perfect for this outfit

  9. I looove it! If I would see you walking in the street in the morning, you would make my day!


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