Monday, November 3, 2014

Spring looks at Melbourne Central

Melbourne Central recently invited me and a few other bloggers down for an indulgent day of shopping (on them!) to check out their spring racing offerings. Saying yes was a no brainer really and it turned out to be a really fantastic day. Everyone at Melbourne Central I worked with was amazing and there really is such a large range of fabulous things in store! I must address the elephant (or horse!) in the room though and say that as a vegetarian and animal lover, I am morally opposed to the races. This is due to the issues of wastage and animal cruelty. I am not opposed to dressing up and having fun and I won't begrudge anyone that. I also understand how important the season is to local retailers and designers, some of whom may also have the same feelings as me about racing being cruel but the economics of it make it an integral part of their business this time of year. Well the same can be said about me. As a 'professional' (lol) fashion blogger I too need to make money and create interesting content and spring racing season is about as big a fashion event we get here in Melbourne. I would prefer to be honest and open with you than to fake it and I certainly don't judge anyone for going at all. I don't think it's up to me to change anyone's minds about attending, other than informing you of my position and the way I look at it. I love looking at the creative outfits people wear in the fashions on the field, some are even designed by friends of mine. I just won't ever attend, even though I get invited every year and sent countless press releases about all the celebrities attending. However, I can have my springtime glamour and fun at plenty of other wonderful events this season, as there’s plenty of excuses to dress up already. This outfit is ideal for garden parties, bbq's or even just a day of shopping if like me you take any chance you get to dress up. Thank you to the team at Melbourne Central for a super fun day.

Outfit details (all from Melbourne Central)
Pink blouse Gorman 
Paint splash skirt Gorman
Flower headband Forever New
Dyed turquoise cuff Mocha
Purple necklace Tilkah
Silver bag Decjuba
Pastel pink slides Tony Bianco
Hair Evoke Hair
Make-up Gorgeous Cosmetics

 These pastel pink  Tony Bianco slides are a dream come true. I've wanted a pair of slides for a while and this pink shade is as you know my absolute favourite.

Pastel pink slides Tony Bianco

 This silver Decjuba bag has been a lifesaver recently at events. I never seem to have a bag that is right for an evening event that can also fit my bulky slr camera. So happy with this bag, it's been to three events so far, somehow the shiny silver just goes with everything!

Dyed turquoise cuff Mocha
Silver bag Decjuba

 This cuff is simply stunning. They were explaining to me in store how the turquoise is dyed to get that great deep pink colour yet still have those trademark turquoise speckles. Really cool.

Dyed turquoise cuff Mocha

 The rooftop at Melbourne Central was the perfect location for the photoshoot. I got to see angles of the city I have never even seen before, was really cool to be allowed up there.

 The purple necklace from Tilkah was perfect for wearing under my collar.

 Purple necklace Tilkah

The team at Evoke Hair had very little hair to work with - there really isn't much you can do with such a short bob. But they did an amazing job and I was very happy with the results. The make-up by Gorgeous Cosmetics in house make-up artists was flawless - they airbrushed on my foundation which was a first for me and now I want it every day it was just so incredible. I was really happy with my eyes as the eyeliner was perfect too. If only I could have a make-up artist everyday.

Hair Evoke Hair
Make-up Gorgeous Cosmetics


  1. look at you smiling in the pictures! you look amazing and i would love to be wearing spring summer clothes as here is autumn.

  2. You look gorgeous, Hayley! And thanks for giving your opinion on the racing carnival. I think that it can be a season (and a day!) for garden parties and barbeques without the cruelty of the races...we should be long past that.

  3. This look is so perfect!! That skirt is swoon worthy!

    I just have to say you have skyrocketed to the top of blogs I get excited about when they get posted!!

    Cheers <3

  4. The makeup is flawless. I think I might buy that flower headband.

  5. This outfit is awesome! I love the Gorman skirt, I recently made a trip to Gorman and had to resist spending my entire savings. :)


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