Monday, August 11, 2014

Living The Dream

I'm very lucky that my street here in Melbourne has a lot of incredible street art. It really makes walking the dog a lot of fun, seeing what is new on the walls this week. They also conveniently make great backdrops for blog outfit photography! I thought this 'Living the Dream' piece by artist Camille Walala was the perfect backdrop for my super colourful almost Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat inspired outfit. The dress is a new buy from local Melbourne label Obus. I instagram'd a change room try on pic asking if I should indeed buy it and got an overwhelming response of HECK YES! So not one to disappoint the people (what did I just say?) I went ahead and bought it. I'm selfless like that, always thinking of others! Jokes aside I do love this dress, the Aguayo inspired print is just incredible.

Outfit details
Multicolour dream dress Obus Aguayo dress
Blue tights City Chic 80 denier opaque tights in cobalt
Heart bag Alpha 60 outlet store
Black flatforms Melissa shoes Style flatform
Black pom pom The Bright Young Things on Etsy
Rainbow bangle Architecture in Helsinki pop up store
Assorted rings

A rainbow dream!

This heart shaped bag is all kinds of ridiculous so of course I just had to have it. Will I ever learn to love basics? Never I say!

Heart bag Alpha 60 outlet store
Rainbow bangle Architecture in Helsinki pop up store


Rainbow bangle Architecture in Helsinki pop up store
Rings from left to right | Red acrylic ring MOMA NYC | Pink gift bow ring Tokyo's Tokyo at Omohara Tokyu Plaza | Pink resin crown ring Keep Resin | Clear + pink print bunny ear ring Tokyo Design Festa

It's been incredibly windy in Melbourne of late so my hair was a little worse for wear in these photos after being blown around all day. But whatevs at least I'm semi smiling for once.

Glasses Bespecd Nara in Speckled Tortoise (I really want the pink next!)
Black pom pom The Bright Young Things on Etsy

Melissa Australia kindly sent me these Japanese Geta inspired flatform jelly shoes and they've fast become my favourite pair. I love me a good flatform but these are extra special because of that mash up of traditional Japanese footwear and the modern jelly shoe.

Black flatforms Melissa shoes Style flatform
Blue tights City Chic 80 denier opaque tights in cobalt

Shop the look!!!


  1. love the coordination of the outfit you wore and scenery!

  2. Nice combination!

  3. cute outfit! i love the dress and its print! i also love the japenese inspired jellys! you always seem to find the perfect backdrop for your cool outfits!

  4. the bag reminds me of a boogie board bag, handy

  5. What a great dress - you look like the perfect mod girl! And I love the pom pom earrings too ahahhha :) :) Super super cute! You look so happy back in Melbourne!

  6. Yay you bought it! We, the people, rejoice :)

    Ps your smile is so damn cute! ^_^

  7. I LOVE this! Your bag reminds me of Gia Gunn's epic hula hoop bag from Drag Race season 6! - Carla :) xxxxx

  8. Love the dress, the colors look great on you!

  9. That dress really is amazing and those shoes were made for you to wear!!

  10. Wow Hayley. That outfit is so adorable. Love the heart shape bag, really cute. And the pink nails, wow! It looks perfect with the outfit. Awesome combos!


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