Monday, February 24, 2014

Valentines Day Spring Break

For Valentines Day this year Henry surprised me with a breakfast in bed of heart shaped crumpets on a heart shaped plate (as you can see on my instagram). Anyway, underneath the heart shaped plate were two tickets for Luna Park, a special Valentines Day unlimited ride ticket that also included free fairy floss, a special ride photo and one free carnival game. This was extra special as Henry absolutely hates rides, crowds and just about everything Luna Park stands for, but he knows I love it, always have and always will. Our first stop for the evening was St Kilda beach for some fish and chips watching the sunset.

Outfit details
Spring Break t-shirt Emma Mulholland from the Magic Designer Sale and worn backwards
Pleather skirt City Chic
Pink pom pom earrings Bubbles Harajuku Tokyo
White sunglasses Tsumori Chisato from Pet Shop Girls
Faux fur backpack Bubbles Harajuku Tokyo
Pink cat bangle Tsumori Chistato from the Humor Shop Harajuku
Pink jelly sandals Rubi Shoes
Lipstick Pink Velvet by Lime Crime from Lady Petrova

Beauty Note  My lip colour is none other than the immensely popular (for good reason) Pink Velvet by Lime Crime which I picked up at Lady Petrova here in Melbourne.

Pink pom pom earrings Bubbles Harajuku Tokyo
White sunglasses Tsumori Chisato from Pet Shop Girls
Lipstick Pink Velvet by Lime Crime from Lady Petrova

Still loving my faux fur backpack from Bubbles in Harajuku.

Faux fur backpack Bubbles Harajuku Tokyo
Hate All People badge Nadia Harajuku Tokyo

Yay, Luna Park time. I actually have a cute couple shot of Henry and I over on instagram but annoyingly the Luna Park sign and our feet were cut off. Geez Louise, when are the strangers you rope into taking photos of you at tourist spots going to learn about framing? Ha ha.

I actually bought this Emma Mulholland t-shirt that day from the Magic Designer Sale held in Fitzroy. I do believe it's a mens tee, but oh well, and I'm also wearing it backwards because I freaking love the Spring Break design and thought it was kinda perfect for a night by the beach at an amusement park.

Spring Break t-shirt Emma Mulholland from the Magic Designer Sale

I really wanted to wear my platforms but Henry insisted I wear comfortable shoes, and what's more comfy than a pair of jelly sandals?

Pink jelly sandals Rubi Shoes

Will I win?

OMG I WON!!! A kawaii pink hamburger plushie YAY!!!


  1. Cutest skirt everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
    My nails are now yellow too a la Hayley.

  2. omg this looks like tons of fun! what a cute idea! i love your outfit which goes so well with this fun day!‎

  3. @Hayley

    You look so cute and fashionable. I love your style. In my country (Viet nam), we use shoes like yours in the army. Its color is black.

    Vay cong so

  4. Loving the emma mulhollad tee and that backpack + badge. You are too cute, Hope you had fun in Sydney

    X. pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

  5. absolutely gorgeous designs! You look very cute and fashionable. the pink sandals are my favorite!


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