Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rare Candy

Last night Rare Candy launched their summer-like collection 'keep the bathwater honey, the baby's long gone' at West Space gallery in the city. Street cast models casually chewed gum as they walked down the runway in Rex and Rohan's creations presented by the Centre For Style. The models ranged in size, shape and age which really resonated with me after sitting through countless fashion weeks bored out of my mind at seeing the same old thing rehashed on yet another 16 year old girl, this was something fresh. I must admit I am a little jaded at this point - over fashion and the corporate machine  - which is why I took a little break from blogging these past few weeks, but now I'm back and raring to go with a fresh new perspective and lots of new ideas and content (I still have so much to share from Tokyo, including at last my very own guide to Tokyo - it's been long requested but it will finally be here early January). For now here are my runway and street style snaps from last night's amazing Rare Candy show.

 The street style at the event was amazing too!

 Lexi aka FEMMEASFUCK from tumblr always looks amazing. You should check out her vintage store Hard Femme Vintage too.

 I love Callan's shoes! He told me the brand but I forget. (FYI just been told they're by Trippen - I knew someone out there would know)

 Ollie loves tie-dye and dip dye!

Babeing Holly and her bottle. Keep hydrated people, it's hot out there!

 Models Stu and Laurie hamming it up for the camera after the show.

 The perfect scarf toss moment with Maffew aka the brains behind the Centre for Style and Laurie who modelled in the show.

Fun times.

I wore my new favourite ASOS dress that only just arrived that day. I'm really into dip dye this summer, this is my second piece like it. Oh well - when you're onto a good thing...

Outfit Details
Pink dip dye dress ASOS (also available in blue and currently on sale!)
Pink glasses Bespecd Minsk
Pink pom pom earrings Paris Kids Harajuku Tokyo
Pink tabi socks Hayatochiri at the Kitakore building in Koenji Tokyo
White flatforms Jeffrey Campbell from Zomp
Backpack Bubbles Harajuku Tokyo
Pink cat bangle Tsumori Chisato from Humor Harajuku Tokyo
Pink ring Keep Resin from the Big Design Market

I love having pockets in skirts and dresses, there should be more pockets I say. Easy access to my phone with pom poms and dangly things hanging off it - yes please!

I don't actually hate all the people but this badge from Nadia in Harajuku is pretty spot on sometimes. Like on my way to the event when two teenage girls pointed and laughed at me for wearing socks and sandals/being fat/wearing head to toe pink or all of the above I kinda felt like I hated all people then. But once I arrived at West Space and saw all my friends rocking their own individual looks the moment passed and all I felt was love.

The aforementioned socks and sandals combo that got me teased by teenagers in the city. I love my tabi socks, I actually bought 15 pairs while I was in Tokyo, teenagers be damned!


  1. I love this post! And to teenagers - pfft! Most likely a group of conformists who hate themselves.

  2. So much amaze! I love the model diversity! Those socks are cute but agh, I don't think I could handle the material between my toes. And blah to those teens, they obviously don't know what individuality is!

  3. This is the worst thing i've ever seen.

  4. I don't know why some people need to take the time and energy to make negative comments/laugh at others. I guess it's their own insecurity showing through. I think you look AMAZING Hayley! Love your blog, glad to see you're back =)

  5. It isn't for me but I'm glad you all had fun. Ta-ta!

  6. oh gosh, I freaking LOVE Lexi, so excited to see her pop up on your blog! <3

  7. Oh my gosh, I LOVE Lexi! So excited to see her pop up on your blog! <3


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