Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Vlogging to you live from TOKYO

Recently I've become addicted to youtube beauty guru's like never before, I mostly watch their day in the life of videos or house tours and I especially love a good make-up storage video so I thought, hey I can do that why not get more into vlogging? Now as you may know I actually started this here blog in Tokyo back in 2006 so I thought my trip to Tokyo would be the perfect time to start my 'vlogging career' - a good omen so to speak. I have done a few youtube videos here and there over the years but never really had a consistent uploading schedule but I aim to change that and get stuck into sharing at least one video a week from now on. So here are my vlogs from my first day in Tokyo featuring Brandon from Lactose Intoler-Art and his friend Manon from Amsterdam. The first video is of us meeting up in Koenji and checking out some local vintage and remake shops. First stop was to see Brandon's new necklaces in the Hayatochiri shop in the Kitakore building!!! Then we all tried on some pieces at Cathy also in the Kitakore building. What dress do you think I should buy? I was leaning towards the patchwork dress with the 'secret C' but Henry prefers the apple dress. Please help a girl out and lemme know in the comments below.

Taking off from where Part 1 left us on the train to Shimo Kitazawa follow us as we head to the retro izakaya and discover the strange and cheap food on offer. Next stop was some Purikura (print club sticker photos) choosing the Milk Beauty machine in honour of Brandon's lactose intolerance. Then watch as I shout it out to Nicki Minaj in the Karaoke booth while Manon perfects her 80's male singer deep voice and Brandon melts hearts with his amazing rendition of "Part of This World" from The Little Mermaid. Karaoke is always the best end to an evening in Tokyo.

I hope you enjoy these vlogs as much as I enjoyed making them. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel Fashion Hayley TV so that you can follow along with my adventures in Tokyo and Seoul over the next month. I plan on shooting vlogs every couple of days and also doing a few shopping hauls, a vegetarian food guide, a guide to my fave shops in Harajuku and some Halloween party videos as I know the costumes are going to be amazing over here in Tokyo. If you have any requests for videos just let me know in the comments below as I aim to please xoxo.


  1. That was so fun! Droling over all those modified thrifted clothes *.* and Brandon, he is such a good performer! I wanna see more of your tokyo trip videos. Hope next time it's not too shaky :)

  2. awww my sista Manon - - -- awsome video's

  3. so nice - to see this and my sis Manon - haha! ♥

  4. Great video! Have recently been obsessing over Japan and contemplating travel there and this has sealed the deal. Love the house at the end!

  5. Good times already!! Can't wait to see the other blog posts and vids later! :) (sorry if some of my filming was shakey..I'm not the best at that! Haha)


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