Monday, August 12, 2013

Spring Fling

 photo SS2013-01_zps776f0202.jpg
Pale spot pink mesh dress Karla Spetic from Fat, White sunglasses Tsumori Chisato from Pet Shop Girls, Pink fish tail skirt ASOS, Pink perspex flatfroms Mercibeaucoup from Pet Shop Girls, Pink pom pom earrings from Poms, Pink metallic sandals ASOS, Marshmallow print pencil skirt Topshop, Cat necklace Illuminati Jewellery (now available at Lady Petrova).

Never before have I looked forward to the warm weather that the Australian spring/summer is known for like I am right now. After nearly three years in sunny Sydney, Melbourne's cold bitter winter has had me beat. I somehow forgot that Melbourne actually has a real winter complete with Arctic winds that chill you to the bone. The good news is spring is just around the corner, the signs are already here with the occasional blue sky and flowers starting to bloom in our neighbourhood. This spring I'm feeling pale pink and pastel tones, the above shopping mood board reflects my current wishlist, some of which I have already bought. I spotted the beautiful Karla Spetic dress while shopping in the city and fell in love with it, sadly it doesn't come in my size (which is ironic as I spotted it at a local boutique called Fat - which funnily enough doesn't stock plus sizes) but I'm hoping it finds a great home with someone else, so far I think it's just at their GPO store. The Mercibeaucoup shoes also aren't available in my size which is always the case with Japanese designers, super frustrating but understandable as Japan just doesn't have the demand for size 10 shoes. I don't have my ears pierced so the soft pastel pink pom pom earrings are also a pipe dream of mine, but maybe I could ask the designers if they could make me a clip on pair? So yes, this is essentially a list of things I want but can't have hence I am sharing them with you. Hope you enjoy xoxo


  1. Hey,
    lovely things! :)

  2. pretty selection! i loving the boot sandals!‎

  3. Haha, so funny, we both have the same skirt in our posts :-D I think we need it both ;-) I love the Mercibeaucoup shoes and the pompom earrings too. Sadly over here autumn comes closer, but I am not in the mood to give up summer pastels right now. I am looking forward so much to wear earrings for the very first time. Still six weeks to go. If I don't have any problems I'll buy the pom pom's for sure. Have a wonderful day, xxx

  4. I saw the Karla Spetic dress at their Chadstone store, and also I think at Alice Euphemia a few weeks ago? I feel the same sadness when clothing sizes constrict how creative and pretty I can dress too

  5. Adorable little grab bag of cuteness there! I wish it was all in your size (but your bank balance wouldn't thank me, I think). I am coming to Melvin for a couple of months and am dreading the cold quite a bit, so this post has given me some hope for blue skies (and shopping bounty)!

  6. I'm gravitating towards pink too this Spring, I think it's the wee lass in my tum that has me propelling at high spreed! Love the tier skirt, very Miu Miu with the pencil over the top

    Sleekit x

  7. I love the marshmallow skirt, so funky!

  8. I've never been a 'pink girl'. Always the blue/tomboy girl but at the moment I am really being drawn in by those bright pink shades (like the fish tale skirt)! So pretty

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