Monday, July 29, 2013

Rainbow Paddle Pop

 photo Walter01_zps2b882bdf.jpg
I've been wearing my new Mercibeacoup tie-dye cardigan nearly every day since I bought it, which more than makes up for its somewhat pricey price tag. A friend commented that it reminds her of a Rainbow Paddle Pop, a popular Australian icy pole (popsicle for those in the USA, ice lolly in the UK - I love the different names for things in English speaking countries, it sure made teaching English in Japan interesting) I keep pairing it back with even more tie-dye, creating a look that is even more like a Rainbow Paddle Pop don't you think? Mixing prints of the same family, in this case the tie-dye family, is often seen as a big no-no - but I say no to that no-no as breaking the rules is fun, especially when the result is so colourful. I wore this to the Walter Van Beirendonck media preview and opening night, although I jazzed up my accessories and make-up a little for the opening night party but didn't think to photograph the changes. Oh well, the day time version is still pretty rad. Thanks to my pal Laurie Luxe for taking these photos on the day xxx

Tie-dye cardigan Mercibeacoup from Pet Shop Girls $265
Tie-dye dress ASOS
Glasses Bespecd Minsk frames in Lilac
Pink resin necklace Symantha Rose available at Lenko
White flatfroms Jeffrey Campbell Mayview from Zomp $135
White floral socks ASOS
Iridescent tote bag Sportsgirl $39.95

 photo Walter04_zps425afe18.jpg
Still loving my Symantha Rose necklace, I mean who wouldn't? It's so pretty.

Pink resin necklace Symantha Rose available at Lenko

 photo Walter05_zps187fc856.jpg
This bag has served me well since I bought it a few months ago but it's pretty scuffed and scratched at this point thanks to almost daily wear. I'm thinking of just replacing it with the same bag again which is still available at Sportsgirl cos it's just so cheap and so perfect but I know that it will also end up mega scratched too. What to do?

Iridescent tote bag Sportsgirl $39.95

 photo Walter03_zps18c64fc8.jpg
Nail wraps never last very long on me and sadly these Meadham Kirchhoff SS12 nail wraps were a little worse for wear after just one day which you can see here. So cute though.

Nail Wraps Meadham Kirchhoff SS12 by Nail Rock from ASOS - no longer available but similar here, here, here & here

 photo Walter02_zpscbb0e0a8.jpg
Expect to see me wearing these always and forever from now on. So so so so comfy and I love the little bit of height they give me but I mostly love their Sporty Spice vibes. Spice Girls forever xoxo

White flatfroms Jeffrey Campbell Mayview from Zomp $135
White floral socks ASOS

Get the look!!!


  1. Rainbow paddle pops were my favourite ice cream growing up as a little kid!

    yet another great outfit from a wonderful fashion blogger
    ps. I love you

  2. You look awesome as always!!!!

  3. Wonderful outfit! I think the bag is awesome and I would buy a second one too. Such a shame metallic clothes and accessories gets stained very fast. The only thing I don't like about them. My candy clutch looks quite scratched already too.

    I need, need, need one of this necklaces too. But I think I have to stop myself, wanting all the jewellery you have. Just copied your squid earrings too. Although I have to wear 7 more weeks till my new ear piercings are ready for earrings.

    And yes: You are so right, Spice Girls forever, Viva forever! <3

    1. Oh thank you so much. Yes my candy clutch is all scratched too, but still so pretty.

      Yes you do own a lot of the jewellery I wear, haha, but that's good because you're supporting my friends and independent design. There just are a lot of indie jewellery designers in Melbourne making amazing things and I've just found some new ones haha.


  4. haha, this outfit is amazing!

    I know this is a little off topic, but I know you use Lime Crime products a lot and I've been loving their lippies for a while now. However, I recently read some "interesting" things about its founder Doe Deere (aka Xenia) that have made me really apprehensive to continue buying the products (if sources can be trusted, she basically lied and cheated her way to the top). Do you know anything about this? What are your thoughts?

    1. Hey Sohpie,

      Yes I am a big fan of Lime Crime cosmetics, both their lipsticks and eyeshadow ranges are in my top 5 make-up lines ever. I have heard of the controversies regarding it's founder Doe Deere and I know people have issues with her dating back to her livejournal days (from what I gather) but to me the products speak for themselves. I came to the products first, loved them, then heard through a friend about the issues. Personally there is a lot of bad stuff written about me on the internet and only 1% of it is true so I take what is said about Lime Crime with a grain of salt, you really can't trust everything you read online. So that is where I stand, I love the products and ignore the online hatred of the person behind the brand.

    2. Cheers, I appreciate you responding.
      You're right, the products do speak for themselves, and they are gorgeous. I might look into it a little further and keep thinking about it!

  5. I love the mixed up tie-dye, and yes, defo making me contemplate a quick trip to the 711 for some rainbow paddle pops. I am having difficulties with those shoes though, and i finally figured it out - they're giving me some Reef Sandal realness!

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  7. Hi Hayley!! I would like to ask if the JC mayview fit true to size? Thanks!xx


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