Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fairy Princess

I've been sick in bed for more than a week now which explains my blog absence, but I finally felt well enough to venture outside this weekend and all I can say is thank god! The two ASOS pieces featured in this post were delivered through the week and I've been itching to wear them together even if its a bit of a non practical look, think of this outfit more of 'editorial' rather then 'everyday'. I might wear this to fashion week but its not something I'd wear around Sydney, I got stared at enough on the way to the park to take these photos. I will blog a more everyday outfit with this top through the week, I'm actually getting it tailored to be a 3/4 length sleeve so it's not too hot for the warm spring weather. The skirt has these attached knickers which I didn't notice when I ordered it, it kinda makes it a bit awkward as I'd prefer to wear a slip or bike shorts underneath, not too sure how I'm going to wear it to be honest. I felt like a fairy princess in this outfit, even more so when a little girl at the park asked her mum if I was one.

Flower crown Lady Petrova
Lipstick Limecrime in Airborne Unicorn from Lady Petrova
Sunglasses Karen Walker
Necklace Kate Rohde


Top ASOS Peplum space print top $48
Skit ASOS Sheer mint maxi skirt $22


  1. I have just arrived back from Milan fashion week to find the most gorgeous princess of all.
    You are unique and I adore YOU!!!

  2. Glad yo hear you are feeling better Hayley :D
    Looking fantastic as always!

  3. Hope you're better Hayley! The weather's gotten warmer though it's still a bit chilly at night so I can understand that you're feeling under the weather! This outfit is bananas! I love the printed top, and with your crown and lipstick it really is a very fairy tale look! I'm rather jealous actually!

    Nora Finds

  4. Great colours!


  5. I love your top. I hope you feel better.

  6. So beautiful Hayley! that colour palette is s killer! oh and your lip colour is so awesome

  7. Awesome outfit, although I agree about the knickers. Are you able to unpick the stitch that attaches them to the skirt perhaps?

  8. Oh, I love this soooo much! You do look like a fairy princess! Would you be able to take the skirt somewhere and have them remove the built in underwear? I could just imagine some of the outfits you'd come up with if you weren't so restricted with what you could wear underneath.

  9. I can't believe they put in built underwear. I hate when things like that happen to me!

    Man Style

  10. Love the colours of this outfit, especially love the lippy

    Sleekit x

  11. So beautiful! I just had to order that lipstick too. I love the colour on you and something called unicorn must be cool anyway ;-) Wish I had a flower crown like this and this beautiful necklace as well. Kate Rhode is on my wish list for sure!

    I think lilac is a wonderful colour for pale blondes like you and me, it has a touch of fairy. The skirt would be a little bit too daring for me, but I envy that you dare to reveal so much, without having the longest and thinnest legs (that's why I don't dare ;-) ). It looks great.

    You are a stunning girl! Love, Sara xx

  12. Oh my, the print on that top is stunning! I love this whole outfit, the skirt looks so dreamy. Aaah and your necklace and floral crown! Everything is so perfect here. Is there anyway you could get the underwear part of that skirt removed?

  13. You Look Fab in this dress.


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