Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Holey Hell Evil Twin

I received an amazing parcel in the post from the people at Evil Twin and in it was this awesome holey top that I had been eyeing at Lenko recently. Talk about knowing what I like! As you may know I love all things black and cut out so thanks so so so much Evil Twin, totally made my day getting the parcel in the post. I will be blogging the other top in the parcel soon too, I'm actually wearing it right now, just haven't had a chance to take a photo yet.

I love the idea of a pop of colour showing through cut out holes, so I teamed the top with my red Velours dress from Somewhere and my new Mac lipstick in cyber which is a sorta a purpley red, so in other words mauve. I'm not sure if I'm there yet with my idea of "avant garde" dressing, but I think I'm getting closer, what do you think? It takes a while to work up to it I think. Just wait till fashion week (LMFF), I am planning some awesome outfits, some of which include this top. Can't wait!

Outfit Details:
Top: Evil Twin gift
Dress: Velours from Somewhere $90 I think?
Mac Lipstick: $35
Cross necklace: $2 shop for $3 (nothing is $2 at $2 shops anymore)
Black Bangle: $10 from Ishka
Gladiator sandals: Target $20
Fringed Bag: gift from my mum


  1. I really love the colour pop and that lipstick is lovely!

  2. Yeah, that top is really cool and plus it fits you like a glove!

    Kiss kiss,

  3. So much you could do with that top, can't wait to see how you style it.

    Also your hair looks great, have you had it done recently?

  4. me likey. Go lenko also!

  5. i. need. that. top. here's hopping one of their retailers ships to the US!

  6. I love it! Its really you. Your outfit posts are always some of my favorites and most inspiring. I also want to dress a little more Avant garde..Yet, its kind of hard to do where I live. haha. Keep up the good work! Its exciting to see that you're getting frebies in the mail!

  7. ooohhh loving the hole-y look! May need to invest in that top!


  8. What a great package to get! You look great, and I love that lipstick!

  9. I really like Evil Twin too :) Like the lipstick too. I'd love to see ankle boots with this outfit, tho!

  10. Hayley, you look absolutely stunning!

  11. Great outfit, I love the top! Evil Twin has some amazing pieces.

  12. what a cool gift from evil twin!
    i will have to go check them out. general pants yeah?
    every time you wear the dark lippy i comment to say i love it but its true!!
    it looks so good and its rare that someone with blonde hair can pull it off.

  13. "Cross necklace: $2 shop for $3 (nothing is $2 at $2 shops anymore)"

    hahaha... so true.
    You look gorgeous! Love the two shirts together!!

  14. i like that red shade + black + your blonde hair , all together.

  15. I love this!
    That top is amazing *_*

  16. i totally sense that japanese styling vibe. i love that you paired the black top with the red dress. what if you paired the same black top with a long sleeved top and folded the sleeves up until the sleeve of the black top (if you know what i mean)

    or pair it with a off the shoulder top!


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