Friday, January 15, 2010

Red faces

Still no tripod so still have Henry take my photos. This causes so much strain on our relationship that I'm pretty sure if I ever ask him to do it again it will end in us getting a divorce. Seriously need to get a tripod ASAP. Anyway this photo was taken on our way out to dinner earlier this week on one of those hot 40 degree days hence the red face and shiny sweaty complexion. See everything is stacked up against this photo that I kinda don't want to post it, my fringe needs to be trimmed, I have an angry face, it was hot so I'm a bit red. However the outfit was so good that it makes up for all that (I hope). I bought the floral crop that day from Sportsgirl on sale for $20 and wanted to wear it right away. You may remember it from when I used it in one of my looks for the Sportsgirl stylist comp, I've wanted it since then and it finally went on sale, woohoo. I never pay full price for anything.

Oufit details:
Floral crop top: Sportsgirl on sale for $20
Black 3/4 length top: Cotton On on sale for $10
Black stud skirt: Sussan on sale for $40
Leggings: Kinji in Tokyo $9
Wedges: Urban Outfitters on 1/2 price sale $70Aud
Vintage chain bag: Savers $2.99


  1. I like that I was able to see your update instantly through twitter! I dont trust my google reader anymore because it doesnt update instantly! Love the skirt :)

  2. Love the floral top, it looks really pretty against the black outfit :)

  3. Gasp! That skirt is like wowowowowwowoowowow x100000000000000000000. Loving it Hayley, looking gorgeous!


  4. I ♥ the contrast of the floral and the black.

    You don't look angry to me, but now that I know that's your angry face I'll keep an eye out for it. ;)

  5. love the outfit hailey, especially the crop top.

  6. Got to tell you now that I feel your pain, I've practically given up getting my boyfriend to take blog photos for me. Not sure what it is about guys, but they can't seem to understand why sometimes you need to take 10 photos of one outfit to get a good picture! *sigh*

    Love how you've styled the crop top, I saw it in the shops on sale recently and would have bought it but didn't know how to style it in a tasteful way, so kudos to you!

  7. I too have issues with getting my fella to take photos so now I just prop the camera on somethin/anythin and set the timer, but yes I hear ya, I need a tripod too but there soo friggin expensive, ebay maybe?

    Ps this look is smokin

    sleekit x

  8. Just my type of ensemble - rock'n'roll ladies that lunch. Love you in florals, lady. xo

  9. I love the way the floral top stands out against all of the black in the rest of the outfit. Awesome as usual!

  10. Oh my gah. That looks amazing. I love it. I love the bra top on the outside, that's so clever. I might have to buy one just to try it.

  11. love that floral top- you look awesome despite of the redness & stuff :))
    have a lovely weekend, xoxo

  12. Dear Fashion Hayley,
    I am a long time admirer, 1st time poster. I LOVE your blog and I love your styling photos. I hope it is ok by you but I've added you to my baby blog roll. It's ony been around since 4 Dec but I am a prolific poster so it seems longer! I love seeing what you are wearing. xx

  13. Love this outfit Hayley!
    I have had the floral top hanging in my wadrobe since it first came out as I just HAD to have it (yes I paid full price - kicking myself) however I have not had the guts to try it out. I was originally going to wear it over a white tee and cut offs but it looks funny. Now you have inspired me to try some different combos.

    Keep up the good work - although not at the risk of your marriage.

    We should start a "Buy Hayley a tripod fund" :-)

  14. Hayley! I forgot to mention, I've got an extra tripod if you want! A friend of mine works as makeup artist/stylist and she end up with everything half priced lol lucky you girls!!

  15. Cute outfit, gotta love sale shopping! xx

  16. love the skirt. studs/floral is my absolute favorite. i just bought those wedges, and i'm already getting compliments. new favorite shoes!

  17. Love this look hayley!
    getting my partner to take photos (that i like) is painful too.
    i suggest putting your camera on an ironing board. if its the wrong angel, then (i got this tip from VF)
    fill a sock with rice and put your camera all snug in the sock on the right angel on the ironing board.( so that its a little raised and not getting the ironing board on the bottom of the shot)
    maybe this idea will help?
    good luck!

  18. You haven't heard the fights me and Steve have about photo taking....
    I love the crop top.... Sportsgirl has always intrigued me even though everyone tells me it's like a crap version of Topshop... true or not?

  19. I have that EXACT same bag. Got it free from my nanna who, like me, stops at every 2nd hand shop possible. Love it!


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