Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vote for me to be Sportsgirl's Superstylist

For a bit of fun I entered the Sportsgirl Superstylist competition with a few shots from my favourite shoot I styled recently. Now I have been selected as a finalist and you can vote for me here. Not sure how many times you can vote but I would really appreciate it if you could vote at least once. I'll let you know if I make it to the 2nd round!

Photo info:
Michelle Czech Cage dress
House of Baulch couture head piece
Photographer: Mia Mala McDonald

Sorry about the blog absense yet again. I'm going to try to post every day for a whole week starting today as for the first time in ages I have no shoots lined up. Kinda happy to have a free weekend. I have so much Uni work to catch up on, not to mention the Spring Fashion Week event I'm part of (more info soon).

Anyway please please VOTE for me.

Update: It seems you need to sign up or sign in to vote. Only takes a minute. You also seem to have to add 5 stars to each photo, ha, it all gets a bit much doesn't it? Do as much as you can be bothered I say. 5 stars for 1 photo or 5 stars for all 5. Up to you.



  1. You might want to add that you need to sign up or sign in to vote- I just tried then! Hope you win, Hayley!

  2. I was at Sportsgirl the other day and saw that they were looking for a head stylist, and thought of u straight away... you've got my vote :)

  3. Good luck Hayley! Go the post every day for a week thing - it's working for me.

  4. Congratulations! Felt a little strange registering for such an intensely girly-fied web site (lol), but voted for you anyway, 5 stars on all 5 pics! But hey..the street style shots were interesting too.

  5. Just voted. Best to you lady!

    Love Grace.

  6. Great shots Hayley!!
    Ive just signed up so I can vote for you, good luck!! :)

  7. good luck! You've got some great shots there.

  8. Awesome photos! I'd have voted for you even if I didn't know you via your blog.

  9. hey miss
    thought we would meet at marawas roller rama!!
    just voted for you despite the weird sportsgirl system to vote!
    good luck

  10. wow, this picture is yours!? im in awe, i will register and vote for sure! x

  11. yours is absolutely miles better than the others! by a long shot. i love this shoot and voted on everything. good luck xox

  12. Your shoot is clearly leaps and bounds ahead of the other finalists!
    Kate Klien's is also quite good, but I feel like all the other finalists have just put a top + dress on a girl (that's barely styling!).
    I love your use ( & Kate's) of prop's and how it actually looks like a magazine editorial (as stipulated as a requirement by Sportsgirl).
    Good luck and I hope you win!!


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