Monday, August 24, 2009

Leggos Challenge

When Nuff Nang contacted me to see if I wanted to take part in the “Leggos Italian Beef Casserole” challenge, at first I was dubious. Mainly because I am a vegetarian, but I was assured the sauce contained no traces of meat or animal products so I agreed. When the sachets arrived I read over the ingredients just to be sure and it is all 100% vego. Phew. Anyway we decided to make vegetable, kidney bean and chic pea casserole pies. The challenge is can you make it all in under 15 minutes?

First step is to chop all the ingredients. We had mushrooms, zucchinis, onions and garlic.
Next you rinse the beans and chic peas. This all took under 3 minutes.

Using a wok we cooked all the ingredients (first the onion and garlic, then the zucchinis and mushrooms and lastly the bean mix) and added the simmer sauce once everything was cooked. This whole process took about 6 minutes. 9 minutes in total, 6 minutes to go, will we be able to make our pies in under 15 minutes?

While everything was cooking we set about cutting out our pie shapes. So this was all happening at the same time. We decided to use the cute “I love you” toast shape thingy to put on the tops of the pies. We own a pie maker (it was a Christmas pressie from my mum, one of those gifts that you wouldn’t buy for yourself but when you do have one you wonder how you ever lived without it before) We used homebrand puff pastry for the base and tops, but you can use fillo on the top for a more crunchy flaky pie.

You can see here all the cute I love you pie tops. We scooped in the mixture and put the pie top on and waited to see if it would work. The pie maker makes pies in about 2 minutes (Amazing I know) and we were making 4 pies. So this all took about 5 minutes.

Sadly the I love you tops did not turn out, luckily we made up for it with my kitsch love heart serving tray and plates. Oh and throughout the whole process I wore my very cute gingham appron, a gift from my friends the Spank girls in Japan. Next was the taste test. All we can say is num num num, so yum.

So there you go. We made vegetable, kidney bean and chic pea casserole pies in under 15 minutes. Now if you feel up to the challenge you just need to go to to score yourself some free samples. Then the rest is up to you.

On a side note, this just proves I'm no Luxirare when it comes to food styling. Maybe when we study it next year I'll get better. You would hope so, ha!


  1. look how cute you look with your apron!

  2. They look damn tasty, you should have cut hearts out of the left over pasty and popped them on top half way through, works a treat ;)

  3. Hayley, I can tell it's dinner time because I'm looking at your pics and going "yum!".

    Thanks for the info that the sauce is vego too: I think I need to get a pie maker as well.

  4. AWW those look delicous! Send some over telepathically!

    You look so cute!


  5. yummmmmmmm haha that looks so fantastic! i just ate but now im hungry again! ;)

  6. DANG GRL! this looks incredibly yummy!

    One Love,

  7. ooo so talented! you making me hungry! not good when there is nothing in the cupboard. and yes that must be jethros signature 'don't give a fuck' face he pulls haha xxx

  8. well, if you were luxirare you'd probably would have made in advance labels inspired by some obscure 60s sci fi movie and screen printed it on silk paper and taht would have taken a whole lot of time :) ah

  9. you have the cutest kitchen wear. everything matches!
    i didn't know a pie maker even existed T_T i thought people just put them in moulds and in the oven.
    your pie maker looks amazing.

  10. That photo of you is totally adorable! I love it! Master chef Hayley! The vego pies look delish, nice job.

  11. these look yummy! Alas i had a similar experience with the toast templates...

  12. Wow those look orgasmic!!!
    You look absoloutley gorgeous, i love that pic :)

  13. Nicely done! We would never have thought to make it with a pie maker - such is the genius of the challenge!
    xx The Nuffnang Team

  14. Great idea I could use a pie maker.
    The pies look yummy.


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