Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Serious neglect

Sorry about neglecting the blog for over a week. I've had a huge amount on. These holidays have been full on, only the 1st week was a real holiday with the usual sleep ins and acute boredom that accompanies having nothing to do. Since then however I've been working virtually full time on my current projects; shoots, meetings, showroom visits, State of Design events, organising an exhibition for MSFW and so much more. None of these things are earning me money, yet, but I keep getting told that it will come. So I'm going to work hard on building up my styling portfolio and my contacts and keep my fingers crossed.

Talking about building up my styling portfolio. Here is a snap from a recent shoot that turned out amazing. I had pieces from Kirrily Johnston, Alexi Freeman, Lola&Bailey and House of Baulch just to name a few. Have to wait to see who picks it up before I can post it. I have 3 shoots I want to show you all, just waiting till I'm able to.

Oh and talking about Lola&Bailey, I got to meet the designers Cheri and Theresa at the "This is not a design market" design market last Sunday. They were so sweet in person, and showed me some of their new pieces. You should check out the new Shadow Puppets range. So cool, who doesn't love making shadow puppets with their hands? Now you can wear them too!

The Rude Health stall had the most amazing giant hair bows. I would have bought one if Henry wasn't there. Boys don't get it do they?

I also got to meet Anna from Able & Game, who make the most awesome cards such as the "I'd go to zone two for you" card. So many lol's in their etsy shop.

Outdoor funky seating.


  1. The pay will come, I promise. You've certainly got the talent and the passion. Took me two years of volunteering to get regular paid gigs. Only now am I starting to turn down non-paid writing anyway (will only do it now if I really like the publication). One of the sucky things about the fashion industry is that there are so many creative people willing to work for nix and so many places willing to take advantage of that. :)

    My best piece of advice is don't give yourself away for free unless you actually feel you are getting more out of it than "they" are.

  2. Aw I was glad to see a blog post from you! Hopefully the work you love will come rolling in!

  3. Thanks so much for the lovely words! I'm laughing because my Mum is in that picture!

  4. Okay, that was meant to come from me (Anna), not Gareth!

  5. Great pics, so sad about TINADM but it was just too pricey for us at this time. Looking to do Rose St though if they'll ever respond to our e-mails. Might need to call them.

    Missed your blogs, glad you're back!

  6. fantastic post
    def one of those industries where you need to work really hard to get where you want to be.we think exciting things are ahead for you! xx

  7. That looks like a really cool event! The slouchy corpse-stuffed doll thing creeps me out a little...but hey, its art! haha

  8. YAY! A new post :) and that vent looks awesome. I love that cagey outdoor eating thing!


  9. looks like such fun! and i love that cage seat!!!

  10. Oh myyyy, I cannot believe I missed this! It looks amazing!! Those alphabet totes are so cute.


  11. Hello!

    Your blog is so cool! I am in love for the great shots!

  12. i love the fake food! so fucking cute


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