Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Recession dressing

I have ALWAYS been a bargain hunter, but ever since the Aussie Dollar went down and the Japanese Yen went up (currently the only way the recession is affecting me) my bargaining skills have had to come out in full force. This has meant no new purchases, making and mending my own clothes (some progress reports on that to come this week) and a cutback on my magazine buying habits. All this so I can have a semi reasonable amount of money in Japan. I'm kinda starting to not see the point in going, I'm going to be poor over there, even with free accommodation, and it means I will have to live with my crappy camera through another Melbourne Fashion Week in March, I think by May I might have enough money to get a better camera, yikes so far away!

Anyway here are some of my thrifty recent outfits.

Outfit details:
New batwing silver dress: Footscray Savers $7.99 bought today!
Headband: Forever New DFO $1.99
Necklace: Glassons DFO $2
Belt with silver studs: Was my Nana's so FREE
Leggings: Supre $10
Velvet pumps with bow and diamonties: Vintage store in New York $20?
TOTAL: 41.98 and only $7.99 of that since the "recession" started.

I went to Savers today with Henry. I was so pleased to find this silver dress, it would have been perfect on New Years Eve, but oh well.

Outfit Details:
Pom pom necklace: I made it
White dress: Dimmeys Footscray $4
Leggings: Kinji Harajuku $7
Splash dyed sandals: Shakuhachi $15
Belt: Vintage from Camberwell Market $10
TOTAL: $36 with only $15 being recent.

I love the Shakuhachi shoes so much, and by coincidence they match my pom pom necklace.


  1. the silver dress is really nice! aw, i need to make my way to footscray when i have some time! and those shakuhachi sandals are gorgeous, funny that they match your scarf hehe.. oh and.. savign for japan is sooo crazy.. i cant believe we are both going in feb..like you, i dont really see the point in going. if im going i wnt to go with LOTS of money so i can go out without being stingy and just buy what ever pleases me :( but too late haha.. anyway lets work hard to not spend unnecessary things till then! x

  2. 7.99 for that sweet batwing dress?! What a deal!!

  3. I know about the whole saving for Japan problem, I still have 3 months but it's hard and depressing when you think about how much money you 'Lose'. if you need to make some money why don't you run a couple of shopping and styling tours for the summer. I'm sure you know all the good places and if I’m sure many of your readers would want to go on one. If you’re desperate for a camera for fashion week I could lend you mine, it’s a Pentax K100D and doesn’t get enough use *pats camera*

  4. ha ha great post ... great name (i too am a Maiden of the Hay!!) :)

  5. I'm a big fan of Footscray Savers: lots of nice things at great prices. Good to see recession dressing done so stylishly as well!

    Nicole (Circa)

  6. ooh I'm off to Savers tonight actually (sneaking off a bit early);-)

  7. That necklace rocks. HARD.


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