Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Still wanting a hall table

I think I have finally found the right hall Ikea of course. (I so didn't want to find it at Ikea, I'm over my house looking like an Ikea showroom!)

It's called the Malm and its only $109 and it only comes in red, my favourite colour. I think it is "the one". I have been looking and looking for months and this is the cheapest I have found. Why are hall tables more expensive then dining tables on ebay? Crazy.

Below is how I will have it set up at home kinda. I bought the Jenny Kee vase I wanted on sale from $40 to $25 at Target the other day with the idea of using it in the hall eventually. The plan is to have a bowl to put mail/keys/mobiles in instead of how we currently mess up the dining table. Oh and that red feather thing on the wall is similar to this amazing African feathered headdress I saw at this cool African goods store on Brunswick Street...only thing is it's like $300...maybe I can make one?

Genkan by fashion_hayley

Anyway I think I'll get it this weekend, hopefully it's not too heavy to carry on the tram (I even have an Ikea moving trolley for this job because I go there so often and the tram goes from my door to the door of Ikea so instead of paying $30-$40 for delivery I tram it, sometimes it gets a bit tricky but most of the time its fine!)


  1. ah ikea is the best! i love swedish furnishing :) and i am loving that red table.. so festive too .

  2. i'm so honored to get a link on your blog!! you've helped me find a lot of fun stuff in tokyo, i can't wait to read about your adventures next year. that table is very nice, it doesn't even look like its ikea, it looks more expensive.

  3. haha another ikea find! oh well don't be ashamed of all the ikea love.

  4. Very nice table Hayles, I love hall tables. Every hall needs a table in my opinion!
    Good luck on the tram, you're game!

  5. thanks for your comment hayley! x and haha, my home also suffers from the 'ikea showroom syndrome'! that is a very nice hall table though, im sure it will look so sweet in your house! :) kisses!


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