Thursday, December 11, 2008

Crafty things made at work


I made this woollen pom pom necklace at work today. That's the cool thing about call centres, you can do other things while on the phones. It took all shift though. My inspiration came from the above Elle USA November 2008 spread. I love woollen textural bright n colourful accessories and have made a cobalt blue necklace in the past (as seen here)

pom pom

pom pom


  1. so crafty hayley! i remember my mum making red pompoms like that for a clown costume for my brother ages ago. good to see you can make the look so cool! xx

  2. OHHHHHHHHHHHH Love those pompoms!


    BTW how about another blogger get together?

  3. Loving the colours there Hayley!
    i like to knit while i'm working, waiting, watching tv :D
    i haven't made pompoms in ages.....

  4. I LOVE IT!!

    I have a few pom pom necklaces that I've made too! And some pom pom rings. I love the colour combinations in yours.


  5. hah this makes me remember a poncho/cape with huge pompoms that I had as a kid :) it looks good! Your fringe looks really good by the way, how do you keep it so neat all the time? any products you use?

  6. Nice necklace!

    Also this photo is the first of you without your glasses, and you can see so much more of your face!

    As cool as the glasses are I say you’re much better without them!

    On a side not, you went from being Dark haired to light, was it hard?
    I’m thinking I want to go blonde (only colour I haven't been) but I just can't commit to it.

  7. pom poms are so super cute! They would be cute hanging off a beanie!

  8. That looks awesome. So cute and crafty. Love!

  9. that is BEAUTIFUL!!! i love the baby wool with all the different colours through it!!
    x x xx

  10. yay! i was wondering if you'd ever make another pom pom/woolen necklace. i love the colours in this one!
    i hope you didn't get told off for making this on the job...haha

  11. Oh my fucking god Hayley... you should have seen my face when I read the comment you left for me. I actually think it melted a little bit.

    I cannot believe how amazingly lucky you are! It's incredible.

    How do you manage to meet everyone cool?! I am going to start stalking you in the hopes I run into the same people you do.

    Is that as creepy as it sounds? I hope so.


  12. Beautiful Hayley! Both you and your necklace :)
    Love the colours you've made it in. And your hair looks so good - silky straight! xxx

  13. it is super cute !
    really suits you.
    hoorah for cool jobs where you can do stuff!
    (im at work now blogging hehehe!)

  14. I loved the ornament earings on the deer.



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