Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Wish-list

I tried on these beauties today at Zu shoes. They are on sale for only $55 down from $120 and they look so HOT on it was painful not to buy them right then and there, I almost cried when I had to leave the store empty handed. Gosh I am sad, but I am unemployed and trying to save for my Japan trip. Ahhhhhh someone give me a job.

Gathered wet look leggings by Supre, otherwise known as fake Sass and Bide black rat leggings. I also tried these on today and fell in love with them (well what I could see of them in the pitch black changing rooms at the city Supre). At $40 they are a bit steep for leggings, (even though the original S&B ones are way more) maybe I'll try and make some myself? At least that way they will fit better than the Supre ones, which are a bit too low cut then I like (I feel more comfortable when leggings sit up near my waist like an old lady, now they know a thing or two about comfort!)

Alpha60 black glossy pleated scarf. I have wanted this forever and ever! It's rather pricey at $120 but it's oh so beautiful and worth it.

Looks like I have finally turned back into a Melbourne hipster, everything I crave is black.


  1. Shoe regret is the worst kind of regret. I passed up the perfect pair of brown brogues at Zomp because they were a touch too expensive. I wish I had have got them because I haven't found a pair that come close to being as nice.

    *sigh* oh shoes!

  2. Have you seen those sling back lace up heels in Sportsgirl, they don't have the closed in sides/back but are otherwise very similar - and only $40 on the sale.

    I think I have turned into a bogan housewife as my christmas wishlist (none of which am I receiving from anyone) is as follows:
    1. Large bottle of Baileys
    2. DVD of Casino Royale with Daniel Craig
    3. Tacky towelling slipper thongs from Peter Alexander

    I think I'll just have to buy all of that for myself on the sales, Hayley I recommend you do likewise with your own list!

  3. Wow! I really like the scarf...haha. Since I've been blogging and keep up more with what's going on in Tokyo through dropsnap, and my opportunity with topman, and cheap gas to get to Dallas, I've been wanting more stuff. haha. Its probably not a good thing. I really want some new and different clothes for Christmas, especially stuff from topman.

  4. yeh i was just going to comment on your sudden spike in loving black. maybe you'll get over it when you go back to japan.

    i think dotti has a pair of those rat leggings too...i forgot how much they are selling for though.

    i find that some of my leggings tend to slip down over the course of a day so sometimes i pull mine up granny style too! haha

  5. Ohhh that scarfffffffff! The price hurst my brain though.. And those shoes look yummyyy.

    I think I'd try and make some of those leggings. Lincraft has that Lame lycra material on sale.


  6. I love that scarf too. I made a cheapo imitation of it from silk pleats which I cut off the bottom of an ugly dress!

    P.S those Supre leggings are really quite impressive...but I'm scared to go into their stores. The music's so loud and the lights are so dim, makes me crazy!

  7. You look so good in that hat! How sad neither of us could go to the market today, I was so looking forward to it! I would have been so thrilled if I had run into you, too! That focaccia (or whatever it is) looks desperately delicious. Om nom nom I want!!
    As for the Supre leggings, I do have them and my only complaint is that the gathering on the inside of the leg rubs a fair bit which gets irriating after a long day walking around in them.


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