Wednesday, October 1, 2008

YAY Flights to Tokyo booked

Yay thanks to Hannah for the tip off about cheap flights to Tokyo with JetStar I am now leaving on the 5th of Feb and I'll be back on the 2nd of March. The flights were selling out as I was typing and got booked up till the 5th of Feb, I wanted to go on the 1st but oh well I'm still going to be there for about 1 month. My ticket plus taxes was only $709. My sister doesn't have a passport yet so couldn't book them now, hopefully she will get that soon (she put in the application on Monday) and be able to go over too but maybe not on the cheap flights. Anyway YAY I am so excited I got the tickets so cheap, its going to be so much fun. YAY!!!

I also have my interview this Friday at the Whitehouse Institute of Design. I am excited and nervous. What should I wear to the interview? Henry thinks nothing too crazy or out there I want to look fashionable but also studious. Hmmmm. Maybe my new Cotton On dress?

With a gold necklace, black belt with gold buckle and black and gold sandals? Maybe?

Ok well I have to print my folio now and let my friends in Tokyo know my dates for the trip. YAY!


  1. That dress is beautiful! I really have to go check out cotton on... haven't been in there for ages. And is that a cheese brooch I spy?! *jealousy*

  2. Congratulations on booking your flights! How exciting :)

    And good luck for your interview! I think the dress would look fab with black and gold accesssories.

  3. Congrats on the cheap flights! I think the cotton on dress will be perfect, it's not boring but it's not overbearing either. It's just right :D

  4. I just read the email for the cheap flights that landed in my inbox too, and i was just about to tell you. hahah guess hannah beat me to it.

    good luck !!!

  5. I was going to contact you about the cheap fairs this morning when I found out, sorry, I slept in and forgot because I had to run all around town to try and book my tickets. I'm glad you found out.

    Sucks your sis probably won't get the cheap flights. Sale ends on the 6th and the more people who book the more the price goes up. But Feb is usually a cheap time to fly.

    Subscribe to the jetstar newsletter in case they have another sale. They had Japan flights on sale early last month as well so hopefully they will again soon.

    Good luck with the interview, just wear something that shows your best style.

  6. Oh, yay for your flights!
    I always use this site: for finding cheap flights (especially when the sales are on cos it makes it easier to find the sale fares).
    Good luck with your interview!

  7. hello!
    you don't know me but i like your blog a lot.

    good luck with the whitehouse interview! i reckon you'll nail it, these places sense creativity. i'd incorporate something you've made or at least altered into your outfit, i always find that a useful 'look-at-my-mad-skills' talking point in interviews. i hope you'll report back on how it goes!

    i'm studying fashion at rmit but am more interested in styling, i'd love to hear what you impressions of whitehouse are?

    anyhoo, hope it goes well!

  8. Yay for the flights deal!
    And good luck with the interview, I'm sure you'll be great. And I think the most important thing is to be comfortable in your outfit, as nanna as that sounds!

  9. That cheese brooch is just too too fabulous! I'm so pleased you got a booking on those flights. I'm sure that given it is so popular that they couldn't help but run it again. As for the interview, I'd go for something comfortable, creative, but not over the top. Keep the creativity in the quirky details, just as you have here. Perfect. :) Good Luck!

  10. This post just saved me $300!!!

    I knew of the cheap flights but misread it as $338 for one way which isn't much of a saving, but then I stoped by here, and saw that tickets were selling out fast I stressed a little that I wouldn't get a ticket and went back to the site. I by mistake put in the day before the day I was leaving and saw that tickets were only $186!!! I had to ask the person next to me if I was seeing things. The day I wanted to go was sold out, but the day after still had the sale fair left! 20 minutes later I had booked my tickets. We only got the sale fair for one way (our return date was out of the date range).

    I owe you like a lunch or something maybe I could send you some of the badges I made. Anyway, I’m sure you will do really well tomorrow, as for what to wear, not only wear something comfortable, but wear something that makes you feel confident.

  11. aww i really want to go too, the tickets are such a good deal! hope you have the aweseomest time ever !


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