Friday, September 5, 2008

Spring Fashion Week Day 2: Kaleidoscope

This is what I wore last night to the Spring Fashion Week Kaleidoscope parade at the Town Hall.

Dress: Thrifted at Savers
Belt: Thrifted at Camberwell Market
Necklace: I made it
Earrings: I bought them at Shag years and years ago but I lost them at some point last night, major oops but they are clip ons so I guess it was bound to happen. Shag is an awesome vintage store in Melbourne by the way.
Shoes: Harajuku, Tokyo
Cobalt blue Nail Polish: A $2 shop.

I had the BEST night ever.

Kaleidoscope was presented by Marie Claire Magazine and it featured one of my favourite designers, Gorman. I was in the photographers pit taking photos for Melbourne Street so I didn't get to enjoy the parade because I was actually working (photos of the show will be up there ASAP) but I did get to drink free champagne in the VIP bar with some of my favourite people.

Here they are, Imelda Matt and Lady Melbourne. Don't they make a cute couple, lol?

I look angry here, like always, but really I was so happy. Alastair from Melbourne Street Fashion took the photos for us, thanks Al.

Matt was front row in the VIP section.

After the show we headed down to the GPO for the FAT party which was amazing. I bumped into loads of old friends which was fun.

I went to art school with Ryan, he is friends with Lady Melbourne, small world isn't it? Beside him is this years face of Spring Fashion Week, Sally Graham. Sally was so nice and sweet, we walked with her to the official after party at Seamstress and guess what people, even models hate high heels and have to change into ballet flats!!!

Matt and Mark? (or is it Mike?) proudly showing off their man bags. Love the leather gloves.

You may remember my post about Reiss Radvanyi and how I absolutely love his dresses. Well it turns out he actually read my post!!! He came up to me and said "Fashion Hayley?" so I was like "yeah????" and he told me who he was and that he reads my blog and I basically died. I was very drunk by this stage (Matt took a bottle of wine from the GPO party and we smuggled it into the After Party and I basically drank the whole bottle) so I am sure I embarrassed myself a great deal, but really this was so exciting for me. I wonder who else reads my blog? Karl Lagerfield? Lol. But as I said I love Reiss's dresses (there are some new ones at FAT at GPO that I have my eye on, maybe soon I will finally buy one because I start my new job next week) and I can't believe he reads my blog. Plus he is cute don't you think? I look like a total geek, sometimes I hate my glasses even if they are "cool".

After all this I caught up with Tony at the Carlton Club and got even more drunk, bumped into loads of old friends and got recognised as Fashion Hayley and also for being on so I guess I am famous on the internet now, Yay. I somehow ended up going home in a taxi with 2 crazy gay guys at 4am. It was a crazy fun night, the best Spring Fashion Week ever and I still have 2 more shows to go to.


  1. That sounds like an AWESOME night - I'm so pleased to hear you had a kickass time! And meeting Reiss Radvanyi and have him recognise YOU! Wow, so cool!

  2. What a fabulous night full of frolics!

    Well obviously you are an internet celebrity - you're a deadset star!

  3. wow that sounds like a freaking awesome night!
    love ur outfit there hayles! and Reiss Radvanyi is def cute! >__<
    why are cute boys always far away... *sobs*

  4. ARGH! I'm so annoyed, I got invited to some Melbourne fashion week events and I can't go! I'll just read your blog though and pretend I was there...

  5. This is such an awesome post!

    It's so cool that Reiss reads your blog.

    ------------MANBAGS RULE-----------

  6. Seriously - I couldn't be any gayer!

    ps - I've just this second arrived home!

  7. you looked like you had a wicked time - sounds like a fabulous night!

  8. you go girl! Hey Karl L. if your reading the post's as well.

  9. Fashion Hayley< I love your frames! I just sneaked over here from matt's blog to ask you "are they jonathon sceats?"
    I got a new prescription this year and found nothing but prada rip off peep overs In EVERY shop. So maybe I gotta do me some vintage frame hunting when I come over in January.
    Great Pics!
    (ps, that is not Imelda Mike with Imelda Matt. Imelda Mike at home minding Imelda Walter)

  10. hey hayley just wanted to inform you that I am changing my blog url to
    just so you know and not think HUH wheres cocos blog...

  11. Haha, I love the photo of you next to Reiss. I'd be smiling too if I was right next to him - phwaaar!

  12. Awww, how fun! I love your outfit :)

  13. Awww, how fun! I love your outfit :)

  14. that sounds like loads of fun! I saw Mark/Mike at last nights show! I want to see Fashion Hayley and Lady Melbourne in real life too!

  15. you look so much happier these days! sounds like fun :)

  16. looks like you had a super fun time! i really wanted to go to fashion week this year (any of them) but my life always gets superbly hectic around those times. next year i hope!!

  17. hahah sounds like super dooper fun. and how amazing to bump into someone you admire so much.

  18. Wow, it sounds like you are living it up rather glamorously!! What good fun, and it must be quite exciting to find out that people you admire are reading your blog - eek a bit of pressure there?


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