Thursday, September 25, 2008

Recent buys

Can I just thank everyone for being so lovely about my recent fashion shoot. There have been some possibly exciting new developments that I can't talk about just yet but watch this space for more info soon, so I just want to say thanks for all your support.

Also it is so hard to get dressed into your clothes once a model has worn them, she just looked better in everything. Oh well I work it in a different way.

So yeah I went to Savers in Footscray yesterday and this is what I bought.

A black studded bag for $4. It had ugly purple studs on it too but I removed them and you can't really tell.

A strange tie dye scarf that I'm not sure what to do with for $6. There is enough fabric to make a dress so maybe (maybe) I will do that.

Today I went to Target with my sister and I bought

The most amazing fringed gladiator sandals ever for only $24 down from $30. So cool. I already got 3 compliments on them when I was at this art opening tonight (all by men by the way) so I love them.

It looks like my sister is coming with me to Tokyo which is exciting. It will be her first trip overseas so it will be good for her to come with me and get a taste for what travel is like. I can't wait to show her everything and introduce her to my friends. So exciting. It will also be good to spend the time with my sister like that because really we haven't been together for that long a time since I was 16 so it will probably bring us closer, but also cause some fights.


  1. your scarf looks cool and nice shoes! i loved your photos from yesterday. pure awesomeness.

  2. The bag was an amzing purchase! Well done.

  3. i love your scarf. i would totally keep it as a scarf and bury my self in it but during winter hehe!

  4. hey fashionhayley! i've seen you around town but you always manage to slink away before i can say hi.. oh well. just wanted to say good job on the photoshoot and that you shouldn't tempt us with exciting teasers and then not say! i've just started a blog myself and am finding it difficult to come up with interesting topics to talk about. any tips?

  5. Yea, the shoes are sweet! And I'm a dude too..haha. I really like mocasin stuff, even gray mocasin...they had that in Tokyo like crazy. Smaller shoes and ankle boots and stuff..I draw them on my characters a lot. I don't like calf mocasins much though.

    So how was the art thing? What kind of thing was it?

  6. I just had a look at lactose intoler-art's characters have their own u Hales, Mum.


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